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31. Causal Evidence for Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Dynamics Supporting Cognitive Control

2017. Nee, Derek and D'Esposito, Mark. The lateral prefrontal cortex (LPFC) is essential for higher-level cognition, but how its interactions support cognitive control remains ... DataONE.

32. Census data from 65 tree plots in Panama, 1994-2015

2019. Condit, Richard, Pérez, Rolando, Aguilar, Salomón, and Lao, Suzanne. These are data from 65 tree plots in Panama established over 1994-2014; 43 of the plots have been recensused, while 22 plots have ... DataONE.

33. Chapter 2 Raw Data

2013. Spafford, Ryan. Plant invasions likely impact entire arthropod communities but most research focuses either on insect controls or select target plant ... DataONE.

34. Chapter 3 Raw Data

2013. Spafford, Ryan. Arthropods are critical ecosystem components due to their high diversity and sensitivity to perturbation. Further, due to their ease ... DataONE.

35. City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Program Amphibian Monitoring Data

2013. Newman, Greg. This dataset represents the city of fort collins natural areas amphibian monitoring project data. These data are all data collected ... DataONE.

36. Classification of Facebook Marketing Metrics for Prediction

2017. Caraciola Faria, Geovanne. Este trabalho tem por finalidade de, à partir do dataset público da página da Boticário cedido pelo Facebook, fazer uma análise ... DataONE.

37. Clay mineralogy of sediment core 7

2012. Nizan, S. clay mineral distribution of a core from the norwegian continental slope. DataONE.

38. CogLaboration Experiment 6, Force sensor object transfers

2013. Koene, Ansgar. Data from Satoshi Endo's experiment on object transfer between two subjects. The object was a force sensor and acceleration outfitted ... DataONE.

39. Cognitive abilities dataset - Words and Non-words Reading Competence Test

2017. Jarske, Johne. Words and Non-words Reading Competence Test (WNw-RCT). The WNw-RCT (Seabra & Capovilla, 2010) assesses competence in reading isolated ... DataONE.

40. Collection, treatment and analysis of air traffic data within Brazil boundaries focused on simulation scenarios.

2016. Souza, Mauricio. These data represent the a sample of air traffic in Brazil and they will be trated to be used in simulation scenarios aiming an ... DataONE.