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81. Hypothyroid Dataset

2017. Verginelli, Rafael. Dataset com informações sobre Hipotiroidismo com 30 atributos para classificação. DataONE.

82. IDEA Data API Specification

2016. Kosenkov, Alexandr. The specification of IDEA Data API. DataONE.

83. Identifying Roadway Physical Characteristics that Contribute to Emissions Differences between Hybrid and Conventional Vehicles

2019. Sullivan, James and Sentoff, Karen.   In this study, a second-by-second (SbS) data set obtained from monitoring vehicle emissions over a series of 75 test runs from 2 test ... DataONE.

84. Influence of human disturbance on marine invertebrate biodiversity in Acadia National Park’s rocky intertidal community

2017. Lopez, Cassandra. Within rocky intertidal communities, trampling from human visitation may be an important ecological stressor influencing community ... DataONE.

85. Influence of the diurnal cycle on the concentration of pollutants

2017. Perez, Gabriel, Kenzo, Thomas, Santos, DJacinto, and Mammoli, Felipe. This data set aims to provide data from Go Amazon project in order to study the diurnal cycle of atmospheric properties on site T2. DataONE.

86. Information Systems Doctoral Dissertations (UK)

2015. Guy Fitzgerald. This is the collection of information systems PhDs. DataONE.

87. Journal

2019. Novianti, Shinta. The current ratio (CR), debt to equity ratio (DER), return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE) affect the stock price of ... DataONE.


2018. Bertholini Aggio, juliana. O projeto tem o objetivo de propor uma metodologia capaz de encontrar o conjunto de locais com maior potencial para se tornarem polos ... DataONE.

89. Linking evapotranspiration, boundary-layer processes and atmospheric moisture using isotope tracer modeling and data

2015. Lai, Chun-Ta. This study uses high-quality spectroscopy measurements to place local constraints on the isotopic composition of near-surface water vapor... DataONE.

90. Maternal Exercise during Pregnancy Increases BDNF Levels and Cell Numbers in the Hippocampal Formation but Not in the Cerebral Cortex of Adult Rat Offspring

2016. Silva, Sérgio Gomes da. Clinical evidence has shown that physical exercise during pregnancy may alter brain development and improve cognitive function of ... DataONE.

91. Mechanisms of Anti-Obesity Effects of Capsaicin

2018. Thyagarajan, Baskaran. Obesity is a major metabolic disease. Currently, there are no effective strategies to counter obesity. Transient receptor potential ... DataONE.

92. Menin Associates with the Mitotic Spindle and is Important for Cell Division

2019. Torres, Jorge, Sawicki, Mark, and Gholkar, Ankur. Menin is the protein mutated in patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) syndrome and their corresponding sporadic ... DataONE.

93. Metromates: Newly Infected MSM in SoCal

2016. Gorbach, Pamina and Javanbakht, Marjan. Between February 2009 and May 2012 the NIDA funded Metromates Study was conducted at The Los Angeles Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual and ... DataONE.

94. Mortality risk across life stages and habitats of an intertidal mussel (Mytilus californianus)

2019. Pandori, Lauren and Sorte, Cascade. These data are associated with the manuscript "Mortality risk across life stages and habitats of an intertidal mussel (Mytilus ... DataONE.

95. Máquina de Chave

2018. Ferreira, Macilio. Descreve o comportamento de uma determinada máquina de chave durante em um determinado período. DataONE.

96. Observations of sea turtles

2017. Leocadio, Jailson. Dataset containing observations of sea turtle and the climatic data related. The data is from Portal da Biodiversidade (https:/... DataONE.

97. Ocean acidification stress index for shellfish (OASIS): Linking Pacific oyster larval survival and exposure to variable carbonate chemistry regimes

2018. Gimenez Calvo, Iria, Waldbusser, George, and Hales, Burke. Understanding larval bivalve responses to variable regimes of seawater carbonate chemistry requires realistic quantification of ... DataONE.

98. Pacientes que Aderiram ao uso de Aplicativo para preenchimento de Questionários

2016. Faria, Leandro. Meu conjunto de dados é uma amostra de 100 pacientes que foram submetidos a prostatectomia robótica, e quais responderam a ques... DataONE.

99. PCS 5031 - teste

2016. Caetano, Eduardo. Dados proveniente de páginas e grupos públicos do Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, instagram e por assinaturas RSS durante o mês de Setembro ... DataONE.

100. PCS0531 - Indicadores de Desenvolvimento Humano

2017. Dias Filho, Eduardo. Valores anuais de indicadores de desenvolvimento humano distribuídos por país. Usado para o desenvolvimento de projeto didático na ... DataONE.