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121. Reclamações do consumidor - Jan2015

2016. Rodrigues, Joao. Os dados representam cada reclamação feita por consumidores ao Procon no mês de Janeiro de 2015. Os dados são do tipo qualitativo e foram... DataONE.

122. Research Tools: Supporting Research and Publication

2015. Ale Ebrahim, Nader. “Research Tools” can be defined as vehicles that broadly facilitate research and related activities. Scientific tools enable researchers ... DataONE.

123. Resumos FEBRACE

2016. Martinazzo, Alexandre. DataONE.

124. Revenue design thinking: constructing an accelerated cash /phased write down story

2018. Felker, Christopher. A well-designed data story is a launch point for revenue cycle professionals using analytics to manage accounts receivable according ... DataONE.

125. Revenue design thinking: implementing enterprise tableau reporting at UC San Diego Health

2018. Felker, Christopher, Ahl, Sue, and Kavanaugh, Tiffany. In February 2018, the authors agreed to participate in an Enterprise Tableau implementation. There were 17 (seventeen) pilot projects ... DataONE.

126. Russian state policy in the field of culture: X-XX centuries

2018. Ershov, Bogdan, Muhina, Natalia, and Ashmarov, Igor.     The manual reveals numerous issues of Russian statehood, based on the continuity and variability of the course of historical ... DataONE.

127. Security for Software-Defined Wireless Sensor Networks: Performance evaluation comparison

2018. Segura, Gustavo. Software-defined networking (SDN) is a paradigm that has been proposed as a holistic solution for the inherent problems of wireless ... DataONE.

128. Seismic moment rate and recurrence interval of small-size earthquakes from a 3-D perspective

2017. Ji, Yingfeng. Repeating postseismic event sequences associated with featured variations of the moment magnitude spectrum and recurrence interval ... DataONE.

129. Sewage loading and microbial risk in urban waters of the Great Lakes

2018. McLellan, Sandra, Sauer, Elizabeth, and Bootsman, Melinda. Theis dataset contains untreated sewage (wastewater treatment plant influent) samples from Milwaukee, WI, USA collected over a two year ... DataONE.

130. Social network community structure and the contact-mediated sharing of commensal E. coli among captive rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)

2018. Balasubramaniam, Krishna, Beisner, Brianne, Guan, Jiahui, Vandeleest, Jessica, Fushing, Hsieh, Atwill, Edward, and McCowan, Brenda. In group-living animals, heterogeneity in individuals’ social connections may mediate the sharing of microbial infectious agents. In ... DataONE.

131. Stable Isotopologues of Atmospheric Moisture at Wind River Field Station (USA)

2015. Lai, Chun-Ta. This dataset includes stable oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios of near-surface water vapor measured at Wind River Field Station, WA, USA... DataONE.

132. Subduction thermal regime, slab dehydration, and seismicity distribution beneath Hikurangi based on 3-D simulations

2017. Suenaga, Nobuaki, Ji, Yingfeng, Yoshioka, Shoichi, and Feng, Deshan. The downdip limit of seismogenic interfaces inferred from the subduction thermal regime by thermal models has suggested relating to ... DataONE.

133. Surface weather stations and lightning data

2017. Albrecht, Rachel. Surface weather stations and lightning data for diurnal and monthly composities. Objectives: Study the influence of river breezes in the ... DataONE.

134. Tartarugas-marinhas no litoral do Brasil

2017. Leocadio, Jailson. Os dados da pesquisa são de ocorrências de tartarugas-marinhas no litoral do Brasil, selecionados da base de dados disponibilizada no ... DataONE.

135. Test

2019. Michalski, David. test abstract. DataONE.

136. Teste de aula

2016. Doimo, Débora. Dataset retirado do site do governo brasileiro para testes. DataONE.

137. Testing J48 and KNN Algorithms with Hypothyroid dataset

2017. Zotelli dos Santos, Wanderley José. The purpose of this study is to investigate the hypothyroidism dataset applied to two prediction algorithms, which are the risk ... DataONE.


2018. Ershov, Bogdan, Ashmarov, Igor, and Danilchenko, Sergey.       The article examines church architecture in modern Russia. The historical processes of the development of church architecture are ... DataONE.

139. The Million Song Dataset

2017. Bertin-Mahieux, Thierry, P.W. Ellis, Daniel, Whitman, Brian, and Lamere, Paul. We introduce the Million Song Dataset, a freely-available collection of audio features and metadata for a million contemporary popular ... DataONE.