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21. Dopaminergic mechanisms underlying normal variation in trait anxiety: supplemental

2018. Berry, Anne and Berry, Anne. Trait anxiety has been associated with altered activity within corticolimbic pathways connecting the amygdala and rostral anterior ... UC Berkeley.

22. Ecosystem Scale Measurements of Methyl Halide Fluxes from a Brackish Tidal Marsh Invaded with Perennial Pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium)

2018. Deventer, Malte Julian, Jiao, Yi, Knox, Sarah, Anderson, Frank, Ferner, Matthew, Lewis, Jared, Rhew, Robert, and Rhew, Robert. Natural methyl chloride (CH3Cl) and methyl bromide (CH3Br) emissions from coastal marsh ecosystems may constitute a significant proportio... UC Berkeley.

23. Effect of non-Schmid Stresses on a-type Screw Dislocation Core Structure and Mobility in Titanium

2018. Poschmann, Max. Data summarizing DFT calculations concerning the effects of non-Schmid stresses on dislocation core structure and mobility in t... UC Berkeley.

24. Empirical Studies on the difference between urban and rural of different areas in China

2016. Chen, Juan. Objective: The paper examines whether out-of-pocket health care expenditure also has regional discrepancies, comparing to the equity ... UC Berkeley.

25. Experimental and Supplementary Data for The Roles of Impact and Inertia in the Failure of a Shoelace Knot

2017. Daily-Diamond, Christopher, Gregg, Christine, and O'Reilly, Oliver. Raw experimental data gathered during impulsive forcing of a shoelace knot on a pendulum apparatus, in various orientations, with ... UC Berkeley.

26. Fast Charging Tests

2015. Gun, Defne, Perez, Hector, and Moura, Scott. A series of tests were carried out in order to explore alternate charging protocols to the standard CCCV. Using such alternative ... UC Berkeley.

27. Forcing files and Model output for "Contrasting impacts of the South Pacific Split Jet and the Southern Annular Mode modulation on Southern Ocean circulation and biogeochemistry"

2017. Chiang, John, Tokos, Kathy, Lee, Shih-Yu, and Matsumoto, Katsumi. This contains the CESM forcing files and ocean model output used in Chiang J.C.H, K. Tokos, S.-Y. Lee, and K. Matsumoto, Contrasting ... UC Berkeley.

28. Forcing files and model output for "Intensification of the pre-Meiyu rainband in the late 21st century"

2019. Chiang, John, Fischer, Johannes, Kong, Wenwen, and Herman, Michael. This contains the SST forcing files and model output for the CESM idealized runs used in  Chiang, JCH, J Fisher, W Kong, and MJ Herman, ... UC Berkeley.

29. GEOS-Chem output for "Lightning NOx Emissions: Reconciling measured and modeled emissions estimates with updated NOx chemistry"

2017. Laughner, Joshua, Cohen, Ronald, and Nault, Benjamin. These GEOS-Chem simulations examine the effect of recent advances to our understanding of upper tropospheric chemistry on our ability to ... UC Berkeley.

30. In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Data of Dislocations in Imperfectly Attached PbTe Nanocrystal Pairs

2018. Ondry, Justin, Hauwiller, Matthew, and Alivisatos, A. Paul. Dataset containing high resolution transmission electron microscopy data of imperfectly attached PbTe nanocrystals.  The data contains ... UC Berkeley.