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61. STET modeling output files for 2017 Sept solar flare study at Mars

2018. PhD, Shaosui. The zip file contains 9 STET output files for the 2017 Sept solar flare study at Mars. File names with 'pre', 'pek', and 'pst' ... UC Berkeley.

62. Strain-Induced Variant Selection in Heterogeneous Nucleation of α-Ti at Screw Dislocations in β-Ti

2017. Poschmann, Max, Lin, Joseph, Winter, Ian, and Chrzan, Daryl. Molecular dynamics trajectories collected and documented for the manuscript of the same title. Starting point for trajectories is bcc ... UC Berkeley.

63. Supporting data for "Direct observation of changing NOx lifetime in North American cities"

2019. Laughner, Joshua and Cohen, Ronald. NOx lifetime can be directly observed from space, and has a nonlinear relationship with its own concentration. At high NOx concentrations... UC Berkeley.

64. Supporting data for "Evaluation of version 3.0B of the BEHR OMI NO2 product"

2018. Laughner, Joshua, Zhu, Qindan, and Cohen, Ronald. This dataset contains supporting data for the paper "Evaluation of version 3.0B of the BEHR OMI NO2 product" by Laughner, Zhu, and ... UC Berkeley.

65. Synthetic Log-Conductivity

2019. Harken, Bradley. This dataset contains the baseline fields for the case study described in the manuscript Hydrogeological Modeling and Water Res... UC Berkeley.

66. Temporal Inflection Points in Decorated Pottery: a Bayesian Refinement of the Late Formative Chronology in the Southern Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia

2019. Hastorf, Christine, Marsh, Erik, Roddick, Andrew, Bruno, Maria, Smith, Scott, and Janusek, John. The Late Formative Period immediately precedes the emergence of Tiwanaku, one of the earliest South American states, yet is one of the ... UC Berkeley.

67. The influence of dopamine on cognitive flexibility is mediated by functional connectivity in young but not older adults

2018. Berry, Anne. Dopaminergic signaling in striatum is strongly implicated in executive functions including cognitive flexibility. However, there is ... UC Berkeley.

68. Thermal and energetic ion dynamics in Ganymede's magnetosphere

2018. Poppe, Dr. Andrew. This dataset accompanies the manuscript "Thermal and energetic dynamics in Ganymede's magnetosphere", JGR Space Physics, 2018. . UC Berkeley.

69. Training and Support for Student Library Employees in a Tiered Reference Service Model: Supporting Materials

2018. Quigley, Brian, Loo, Jeffery, Ngo, Lisa, Powell, Susan, Teplitzky, Samantha, Sackmann, Anna, and Rupp, Kortney. To cultivate students’ reference skills, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Division of the UC Berkeley Library developed an active ... UC Berkeley.

70. Videos of Etching Gold Nanocubes and Nanorhombic Dodecahedra in Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy

2018. Hauwiller, Matthew, Ondry, Justin, and Alivisatos, A. Paul. Liquid cell Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) provides the opportunity to view nanocrystal dynamics in their native liquid ... UC Berkeley.