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1. A local and global sensitivity analysis of a mathematical model of coagulation and platelet deposition under flow

2018. Link, Kathryn, Stobb, Michael, Di Paola, Jorge, Neeves, Keith, Fogelson, Aaron, Sindi, Suzanne, and Leiderman, Karin. The hemostatic response involves blood coagulation and platelet aggregation to stop blood loss from an injured blood vessel. The ... UC Merced.

2. A mathematical model of flow-mediated coagulation identifies factor V as a modifier of thrombin generation in hemophilia A

2019. Stobb, Michael, Link, Kathryn, Sorrells, Matthew, Bortot, Maria, Ruegg, Katherine, Manco-Johnson, Marilyn, DiPaola, Jorge, Sindi, Suzanne, Fogelson, Aaron, Leiderman, Karin, and Neeves, Keith. Hemophilia A is a bleeding disorder categorized as severe, mild, and moderate deficiencies in factor VIII (FVIII). Within these categorie... UC Merced.

3. Assessing the impact of product inhibition in a chromogenic assay

2019. Stobb, Michael, Leiderman, Karin, Sindi, Suzanne, and Monroe, Dougald. Chromogenic substrates (CS) are synthetic substrates used to monitor the activity of a target enzyme. It has been reported that some CSs ... UC Merced.

4. CALeDNA Anacapa/CRUX Dat Container (Linux/HPC)

2018. Ogden, Maxwell. As part of the CALeDNA project this includes Anacapa Container which includes all the necessary software dependencies to run the Anacapa ... UC Merced.

5. CALeDNA Anacapa/CRUX Dat Container (Windows/Mac Vagrant Version)

2018. Ogden, Max. This dataset contains the Vagrant version of Anacapa Container for Windows/Mac with virtualization. For the recommended Linux/HPC ... UC Merced.

6. Climate, snow, and soil moisture data set for the Tuolumne and Merced River watersheds, California, USA

2018. Roche, James, Rice, Robert, Meng, Xiande, Cayan, Daniel, Dettinger, Mike, Alden, Douglas, Patel, Sarina, Mason, Megan, Conklin, Martha, and Bales, Roger. UCM sites. Snow depth, soil moisture and soil temperature are measured near the Merced Grove, Gin Flat, Smoky Jack Creek, and O... UC Merced.

7. CoreShellShell, a quantum dot excitonic energy and charge density calculator

2017. Kelley, Anne. This program calculates electron and hole charge distributions for a spherical semiconductor quantum dot that may have up to three ... UC Merced.

8. Growth rate assays reveal fitness consequences of β-lactamases

2019. Santiago, Fabian, Doscher, Evin, Kim, Jay, Camps, Manel, Meza, Juan, Sindi, Suzanne, and Barlow, Miriam. Clinical resistance determination is critical for monitoring the spread of antibiotic resistance. However, clinical methods of ... UC Merced.

9. Juxtaposition of climate change contrarians and scientists in the media using Media Cloud data

2019. Petersen, Alexander. We document the media visibility and climate change research achievements of two groups of individuals representing some of  the ... UC Merced.

10. Large dataset of disambiguated publication profiles for studying researcher mobility

2019. Petersen, Alexander. Researcher mobility facilitates the  exchange of scientific, institutional, and cultural knowledge. Yet whether  globalization  and ... UC Merced.