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1. CoreShellShell, a quantum dot excitonic energy and charge density calculator

2017. Kelley, Anne. This program calculates electron and hole charge distributions for a spherical semiconductor quantum dot that may have up to three ... UC Merced.

2. European high-skilled mobility data and Scientific publication & collaboration data

2017. Petersen, Alexander. Raw data files corresponding to longitudinal country-level observations for two types of variable: (i) publication, citation, and ... UC Merced.

3. Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory (SSCZO), Wolverton Creek meteorological data, soil moisture and temperature

2017. Bales, Roger, Stacy, Erin, Meadows, Matt, Kirchner, Peter, Conklin, Martha, and Meng, Xiande. Wolverton basin in Sequoia National Park is instrumented with four instrument clusters (site 1 through site 4) and two meteorological ... UC Merced.

4. TWOSTATE, a resonance Raman excitation profile and absorption spectrum simulator

2017. Kelley, Anne. This Fortran code calculates resonance Raman and absorption spectra using the time-dependent wavepacket method with two excited electroni... UC Merced.