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1. A local and global sensitivity analysis of a mathematical model of coagulation and platelet deposition under flow

2018. Link, Kathryn, Stobb, Michael, Di Paola, Jorge, Neeves, Keith, Fogelson, Aaron, Sindi, Suzanne, and Leiderman, Karin. The hemostatic response involves blood coagulation and platelet aggregation to stop blood loss from an injured blood vessel. The ... UC Merced.

2. CALeDNA Anacapa/CRUX Dat Container (Linux/HPC)

2018. Ogden, Maxwell. As part of the CALeDNA project this includes Anacapa Container which includes all the necessary software dependencies to run the Anacapa ... UC Merced.

3. CALeDNA Anacapa/CRUX Dat Container (Windows/Mac Vagrant Version)

2018. Ogden, Max. This dataset contains the Vagrant version of Anacapa Container for Windows/Mac with virtualization. For the recommended Linux/HPC ... UC Merced.

4. Climate, snow, and soil moisture data set for the Tuolumne and Merced River watersheds, California, USA

2018. Roche, James, Rice, Robert, Meng, Xiande, Cayan, Daniel, Dettinger, Mike, Alden, Douglas, Patel, Sarina, Mason, Megan, Conklin, Martha, and Bales, Roger. UCM sites. Snow depth, soil moisture and soil temperature are measured near the Merced Grove, Gin Flat, Smoky Jack Creek, and O... UC Merced.

5. PLOS ONE publication and citation data

2018. Petersen, Alexander. Merged PLOS ONE publication metadata and Web of Science citation data, compiled in .dta files produced by STATA13. Included is a ... UC Merced.

6. RGB Camera Walnut Site 60 meters

2018. Niu, Haoyu, Zhao, Tiebiao, and Chen, YangQuan. RGB Camera Walnut Site 60 meters. UC Merced.

7. Sex, hormone status, and growth rate influence dietary isotope fractionation in laboratory rats

2018. Kim, Sora and Santollo, Jessica. Stable isotope analysis of rat tissues to determine effects of gonadectomization. Four groups - female, ovarectomized, male, and ... UC Merced.

8. Supporting Files for Schiebelhut LM, Puritz JB & Dawson MN (2018) "Decimation by sea star wasting disease and rapid genetic change in a keystone species, Pisaster ochraceus" PNAS

2018. Schiebelhut, Lauren. The data files associated with Schiebelhut LM, Puritz JB & Dawson MN (2018) "Decimation by sea star wasting disease and rapid ... UC Merced.

9. SWIR Camera in Walnut site 120 meters

2018. Niu, Haoyu, Zhao, Tiebiao, and Chen, YangQuan. SWIR 120 meters. UC Merced.

10. Thermal camera data

2018. Niu, Haoyu and Zhao, Tiebiao. TIR flight 4   2:17pm   pome   30m   1011 flight 5   2:44pm   peach   30m   1887 flight 6   3:24pm   peach   60m   2990 flight 7   4:15pm... UC Merced.

11. Thermal camera in walnut site 60 meters

2018. Niu, Haoyu, Zhao, Tiebiao, and Chen, YangQuan. Thermal camera in walnut site 60 meters. UC Merced.