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51. Retinofugal projections from melanopsin-expressing retinal ganglion cells revealed by intraocular injections of Cre-dependent virus

2016. Copenhagen, David R and Delwig, Anton. To understand visual functions mediated by intrinsically photosensitive melanopsin-expressing retinal ganglion cells (mRGCs), i... UC San Francisco.

52. Ribosome profiling reveals a functional role for autophagy in protein translational control

2019. Goldsmith, Juliet. Autophagy promotes protein degradation, and therefore has been proposed to maintain amino acid pools to sustain protein synthesis ... UC San Francisco.

53. Score compounds using 275 frequent hitter rules published in the Lilly-Medchem-Rules

2019. Davies, Julia. Robert Bruns and Ian Watson published 275 rules to identify frequent hitters based on 18-years of experiments at Eli-Lilly. This protocol... UC San Francisco.

54. Self-managed abortion in the literature: a systematic scoping review

2019. Moseson, Heidi, Herold, Steph, Filippa, Sofia, Barr-Walker, Jill, Baum, Sarah E., and Gerdts, Caitlin. Self-managed abortion, when a person performs their own abortion without clinical supervision, is a model of abortion care used across ... UC San Francisco.

55. Sexual harassment in the library: understanding experiences and taking action

2019. Barr-Walker, Jill, Caramagno, Denise, Nevels, Iesha, Romero, Dylan, and Tahir, Peggy. Sexual harassment in libraries exists, but it has not been comprehensively studied. In the wake of the #MeToo movement and shared ... UC San Francisco.

56. Shock Index for Predicting Adverse Obstetric Hemorrhage Outcome

2016. Miller, Suellen and El Ayadi, Alison. This dataset includes clinical data for 958 women comprising pre-intervention/control participants from four studies conducted by ... UC San Francisco.

57. SIVD (Subcortical Ischemic Vascular Dementia)

2013. Weiner, Michael W. and Chui, Helena. The overall goal of this project was to determine the extent to which subcortical ischemia and infaraction, and Alzheimer's disease, ... UC San Francisco.

58. Targeted Cortical Reorganization using Optogenetics in Non-human primates: Electrocorticography in Sensorimotor Cortex during Optogenetic Stimulation

2018. Yazdan-Shahmorad, Azadeh*, Silversmith, Daniel B.*, Kharazia, Viktor, and Sabes, Philip N. The data consists of electrocorticography (ECoG) recordings over primary somatosensory and primary motor cortices in two rhesus ... UC San Francisco.

59. Tobacco-free retailers project

2014. McDaniel, Patricia A and Malone, Ruth E. This dataset contains the transcripts of 15 focus groups conducted in California, New York state, and Ohio from 2009-2013 concerning ... UC San Francisco.

60. UCSF LibQUAL Library Survey Results 2015

2016. Deardorff, Ariel and UCSF Library. These datasets contain the Mission Bay and Parnassus responses to the 2015 UCSF Library Survey. The Library Survey asks about three disti... UC San Francisco.

61. Voxel-wise co-analysis of macro- and microstructural brain alteration in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's disease using anatomical and diffusion MRI

2012. Cardenas, Valerie, Tosun, Duygu, Chao, Linda, Fletcher, P. Thomas, Joshi, Sarang, Joshi, Sarang, Weiner, Michael W., and Schuff, Norbert. Structural and diffusion data from cognitively normal elderly and those with mild cognitive impairment. Background and Purpose: To ... UC San Francisco.

62. White matter damage in frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer's disease measured by diffusion MRI

2012. Zhang, Yu, Schuff, Norbert, Du, An-Tao, Rosen, Howard J., Kramer, Joel H., Gorno-Tempini, Maria Luisa, Miller, Bruce L., Weiner, Michael W., and Memory and Aging Center. Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and Alzheimer's disease are sometimes difficult to differentiate clinically because of overlapping symptoms... UC San Francisco.