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1. Aerial Measurements from Outdoor 2.4GHz 802.15.4 Network

2019. Nekrasov, Mikhail, Allen, Ryan, and Belding, Elizabeth. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), i.e. drones, have been commercially successful in both the consumer and industrial sectors in part due t... UC Santa Barbara.

2. Detecting an effect of group size on individual responses to neighboring groups in grey-cheeked mangabeys (Lophocebus albigena)

2019. Brown, Michelle. Evolutionary game theory posits that competitive ability affects the initiation, escalation, and resolution of conflicts. When these ... UC Santa Barbara.

3. Floral traits influence the opportunity for selection among male gametophytes: independent and combined effects of style length and petal area

2019. Mazer, Susan, Chellew, Joseph, and Peach, Kristen. The data set included here was used for the analyses published in a paper titled, " American Journal of Botany, for which the abstract is... UC Santa Barbara.

4. Halite precipitation from double-diffusive salt fingers in the Dead Sea: Numerical simulations

2019. Ouillon, Raphael, Meiburg, Eckart, Lensky, Nadav, Lyakhovsky, Vladimir, and Arnon, Ali. We employ direct numerical simulations in order to analyze the role of double-diffusive salt fingering in halite precipitation from ... UC Santa Barbara.

5. Sexual dimorphism and sex-specific floral attraction traits in a cosexual species

2019. Peach, Kristen, Mazer, Susan, Liu, Jasen, and Klitgaard, Kristen. The examination of sexual dimorphism in plants has primarily been restricted to dioecious taxa. However, most angiosperms produce ... UC Santa Barbara.