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1. A sample of Saturn interior density profiles derived with MCMC and gravity-based likelihood.

2019. Movshovitz, Naor, Fortney, Jonathan, Mankovich, Chris, Thorngren, Daniel, and Helled, Ravit. We ran a Markov-Chain Monte Carlo algorithm to derive the posterior distribution of density profiles for Saturn, where the likelihood ... UC Santa Cruz.

2. Chemical shift-based methods in NMR structure determination

2018. Nerli, Santrupti, McShan, Andrew C., and Sgourakis, Nikolaos G. Chemical shifts are highly sensitive probes that can be harnessed by NMR spectroscopists and structural biologists as conformational ... UC Santa Cruz.

3. Cordillera Huayhuash Water Quality 2010-2011

2015. Norris, Timothy. The Cordillera Huayhuash is the second highest mountain range in the Peruvian Andes and is important for tourism, mining, and local ... UC Santa Cruz.

4. Data for Drought-Net rainfall shelters did not cause non-drought effects on photosynthesis for California central coast plants.

2019. Loik, Michael. Rainfall interception shelters are frequently used to study the ecological consequences of drought. One common shelter design employs ... UC Santa Cruz.

5. Female Breeding Histories at Año Nuevo

2018. Condit, R, Reiter, Joanne, Morris, Patricia, and Le Boeuf, Burney. The elephant seal (Mirounga angustirostris) breeding colony at Año Nuevo, California, was founded in 1961, and since monitored closely ... UC Santa Cruz.

6. Fractional crystallization of a Martian magma ocean and formation of a thermochemical boundary layer at the base of the mantle

2019. zeff, garrett. BurnMan and pMELTS outputs for simulations of fractionally crystallizing magma oceans on Mars. UC Santa Cruz.

7. Fumigant use on California strawberry fields, 2004-2013

2017. Guthman, Julie. This dataset contains an analysis of chemical fumigant usage for nine major strawberry producing counties in California from 2004 to 2013... UC Santa Cruz.

8. Hydrology, geochemistry, and microbiology data from meter-scale infiltration experiments exploring the impact of a woodchip soil amendment on nitrate removal during infiltration

2018. Beganskas, Sarah, Gorski, Galen, Weathers, Tess, Fisher, Andrew, Schmidt, Calla, Saltikov, Chad, Redford, Kaitlyn, Stoneburner, Brendon, Harmon, Ryan, and Weir, Walker. We present results from field experiments linking hydrology, geochemistry, and microbiology during infiltration at a field site ... UC Santa Cruz.

9. JAVA software for operating Alvin/Jason Heat Flow Probe

2018. Fisher, Andrew, Morris, Brecky, and Weathers, Tess. The Alvin/Jason heat flow probe is operated from a PC (Windows or Mac) using a Java-based program that has a GUI for interaction with ... UC Santa Cruz.

10. Microaggressions Self-Defense: A Workshop for Responding to Microaggressions (Handout)

2018. Byrd, Christy. Microaggressions are subtle verbal and non-verbal slights based on group membership, and they are ubiquitous in the lives of racial ... UC Santa Cruz.