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1. Alpine plant removal

2013. Lortie, Christopher. global plant neighbourhood removal. DataONE.

2. Chapter 2 Raw Data

2013. Spafford, Ryan. Plant invasions likely impact entire arthropod communities but most research focuses either on insect controls or select target plant ... DataONE.

3. Chapter 3 Raw Data

2013. Spafford, Ryan. Arthropods are critical ecosystem components due to their high diversity and sensitivity to perturbation. Further, due to their ease ... DataONE.

4. City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Program Amphibian Monitoring Data

2013. Newman, Greg. This dataset represents the city of fort collins natural areas amphibian monitoring project data. These data are all data collected ... DataONE.

5. CogLaboration Experiment 6, Force sensor object transfers

2013. Koene, Ansgar. Data from Satoshi Endo's experiment on object transfer between two subjects. The object was a force sensor and acceleration outfitted ... DataONE.

6. Environmental variables gaps

2013. Duran, Cristabel. This data is about the environmental variables corresponding to the plots made for the gap study in the tropical mountain forest of Sierr... DataONE.

7. EVA Workflow 1 Package

2013. Cuevas, Victor. This workflow enables to generate gpp benchmark data. DataONE.

8. PLoS One Dodder Data January 2013

2013. Farzan, Shahla. An increasing body of evidence now indicates that parasitic species can have ecosystem-level impacts on species diversity patterns, ... UC Davis.

9. PowerShell Verbs and Parameters

2013. Gallucci, Patrick. List of PowerShell recommended verbs and parameters. DataONE.

10. SIVD (Subcortical Ischemic Vascular Dementia)

2013. Weiner, Michael W. and Chui, Helena. The overall goal of this project was to determine the extent to which subcortical ischemia and infaraction, and Alzheimer's disease, ... UC San Francisco.

11. Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory (SSCZO), Providence Creek meteorological data, soil moisture and temperature, snow depth and air temperature

2013. Bales, Roger, Meadows, Matt, Stacy, Erin, Conklin, Martha, Meng, Xiande, and Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory, SSCZO. Snow depth, soil moisture and soil temperature are measured at lower Providence South facing (LowMetS) and North facing (LowMetN), Upper ... UC Merced.

12. Wind January 2013

2013. Aguilar, Fernando. Wind Direction and speed in CDP. IFCA.

13. Wind January 2013

2013. Aguilar, Fernando. Wind Direction and speed in CDP. IFCA.