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51. MHD Field line tracing results

2017. Xu, Shaosui. The zip file contains field line tracing results from a MHD simulation, which are used to create Figure 3 of manuscript #2017GL... UC Berkeley.

52. Minimum Depth to Groundwater for Coastal Alameda County

2017. Plane, Ellen and Hill, Kristina. This dataset contains a comparison of four interpolation methods used to estimate a minimum depth to groundwater surface for Alameda Coun... UC Berkeley.

53. Minimum Depth to Groundwater for the Coastal San Francisco Bay Area

2017. Plane, Ellen, Hill, Kristina, and May, Kris. This dataset shows estimated values for minimum depth to groundwater in the coastal Bay Area. The estimation is based on an interpolation... UC Berkeley.

54. Modeled ranges of California plant species and scripts to run the models for Spatial phylogenetics of the native California flora (Thornhill et al. BMC Biology)

2017. Thornhill, Andrew, Baldwin, Bruce, Freyman, William, Nosratinia, Sonia, Kling, Matthew, Morueta-Holme, Naia, Madsen, Thomas, Ackerly, David, Mishler, Brent, and Thornhill, Andrew. The species distribution modeling algorithm Maxent was used to model the range of each Californian species, using the cleaned species-lev... UC Berkeley.

55. NEXUS Head CT

2017. Rodriguez, Robert and Mower, William. Background Clinicians, afraid of missing intracranial injuries, liberally obtain computed tomographic (CT) head imaging in blunt ... UC San Francisco.

56. North-Central Namibia: RACD around index cases and controls 2013-2014

2017. Smith, Jennifer and Sturrock, Hugh. Data from a prospective case-control study conducted between January 2013 and August 2014 in Ohangwena and Omusati regions in north centr... UC San Francisco.

57. Observations of sea turtles

2017. Leocadio, Jailson. Dataset containing observations of sea turtle and the climatic data related. The data is from Portal da Biodiversidade (https:/... DataONE.

58. PCS0531 - Indicadores de Desenvolvimento Humano

2017. Dias Filho, Eduardo. Valores anuais de indicadores de desenvolvimento humano distribuídos por país. Usado para o desenvolvimento de projeto didático na ... DataONE.

59. pcs5031-lista1

2017. Carvalho, Rodrigo. Amostra de dataset para a disciplina PCS5031. DataONE.

60. Pinniped censuses at Año Nuevo, California, 1967-2017

2017. Condit, Richard, Morris, Patricia, and Le Boeuf, Burney. Regular pinniped censuses at Año Nuevo Island, California, were initiated by our research group in 1967 to support studies of r... UC Santa Cruz.

61. Portal 156 - Sao Paulo City population requests

2017. Ferreira, Vitor. Dataset of the population requirements for Sao Paulo city government. DataONE.

62. Precipitation and Optical Properties of Aerosols for ATTO Tower

2017. Bueno, Paola, Palácios, Rafael, and Rosa, Will. This data package consists of a time series of precipitation and some optical properties of aerosols collected in ATTO Tower (GoAmazon ... DataONE.

63. Predicting drought tolerance from slope aspect preference in restored plant communities

2017. Kimball, Sarah, Lulow, Megan, Balazs, Kathleen, and Huxman, Travis. Plants employ strategies of tolerance, endurance, and avoidance to cope with aridity in space and time, yet understanding the d... UC Irvine.

64. Predição de Pacientes que apresentam Sinais de Diabetes

2017. Oliveira Nascimento, Jefferson. Este projeto tem como objetivo analisar o dataset de diabetes disponibilizado no site do weka, onde será analisado os dados afim de ... DataONE.

65. Process interoperability between biodiversity modeling systems: Engineering of complex systems.

2017. Silva, Agnei. This paper presents a study about the use of metadata standards for the area of Biodiversity Informatics. Species Distribution Modeling ... DataONE.

66. Projeto Final - Introdução à Ciência dos Dados - Mestrado em Engenharia de Computação - Poli USP

2017. Lourenco Barbosa, Wesley. Dados gerados no desenvolvimento do trabalho final da disciplina. DataONE.

67. Questão 04 - Tarefa 01 - PPGEE Poli USP - Aerosois e Radiometria

2017. Barbosa, Wesley. Derivado: Médias horárias de propriedades intensivas em aerossóis de AOS, Delene e Ogren. Medição da radiação superficial Teste de contro... DataONE.

68. Remineralization of dentin, Effect of Protease Inhibitors

2017. Habelitz, Stefan, Marshall, Grayson, and Nurrohman, Hamid. Mineralized and sound dentin matrices contain inactive preforms of proteolytic enzymes that may be activated during the demineralization ... UC San Francisco.

69. Salmon Creek Organic Geochemistry Chemometric Data

2017. Larsen, Laurel, Larsen, Laurel, and Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo. This datafile contains fluorescence indices and the results of a parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC) performed on samples collected ... UC Berkeley.

70. Salmon Creek radon data

2017. Larsen, Laurel and Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo. This datafile contains results of 222Rn analysis of samples collected within the Salmon Creek Watershed in Sonoma County, Califonia. Plea... UC Berkeley.

71. Salmon Creek salmonid and habitat data 2012-14

2017. Woelfle-erskine, Cleo. Data from snorkel surveys of intermittent streams during the summer rearing period (May-October) and associated habitat data. Part of a ... UC Berkeley.

72. Salmon Creek Watershed Stable Isotope Data

2017. Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo. Stable isotope (O and H) data collected from stream pools, piezometers, springs, and wells in the Salmon Creek watershed in 2014 ... UC Berkeley.

73. SanFranciscoBay_Adapt2SeaLevelRise_CountyData

2017. Hirschfeld, Daniella and Hill, Kristina. In metropolitan regions made up of multiple independent jurisdictions, adaptation to increased coastal flooding due to sea leve... UC Berkeley.

74. #SaveACA

2017. Jules, Bergis. On January 12th, 2017 the Senate voted 51-48 to approve a budget resolution as the first step in repealing the Affordable Care Act. The ... UC Riverside.

75. Seismic moment rate and recurrence interval of small-size earthquakes from a 3-D perspective

2017. Ji, Yingfeng. Repeating postseismic event sequences associated with featured variations of the moment magnitude spectrum and recurrence interval ... DataONE.

76. Sequence matrix and tree files for Spatial phylogenetics of the native California flora (Thornhill et al. BMC Biology)

2017. Thornhill, Andrew, Baldwin, Bruce, Freyman, William, Nosratinia, Sonia, Kling, Matthew, Morueta-Holme, Naia, Madsen, Thomas, Ackerly, David, Mishler, Brent, and Thornhill, Andrew. This is the DNA sequence alignment for the 1083 OTUs used in Thornhill et al. 2017.  We defined monophyletic OTUs at the finest ... UC Berkeley.

77. Shifts in water availability mediate plant-pollinator interactions

2017. Gallagher, M. Kate and Campbell, Diane. Altered precipitation patterns associated with anthropogenic climate change are expected to have many effects on plants and insect ... UC Irvine.

78. Slab Ocean forcing file and model output for "Seasonal Transitions and the Westerly Jet in the Holocene East Asian Summer Monsoon"

2017. Kong, Wenwen, Swenson, Leif, and Chiang, John. This dataset contains slab ocean forcing file and key model outputs from CAM5 simulations used in: Kong, W., L.M. Swenson, and J.C.H. ... UC Berkeley.

79. Soil Water Content at MMWD

2017. Hartsough, Peter. These data were collected using Decagon (Meter) GS1 sensors at two different depths, 30cm and 60cm.  Data were collected hourly and these... UC Davis.

80. Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory (SSCZO), Wolverton Creek meteorological data, soil moisture and temperature

2017. Bales, Roger, Stacy, Erin, Meadows, Matt, Kirchner, Peter, Conklin, Martha, and Meng, Xiande. Wolverton basin in Sequoia National Park is instrumented with four instrument clusters (site 1 through site 4) and two meteorological ... UC Merced.

81. Speech Intelligibility for Spectrally Degraded Sentences

2017. Broussard, Sierra and Saberi, Kourosh. This data was collected to determine how amplitude and phase information differentially contribute to speech intelligibility. L... UC Irvine.

82. Statistics for each 15 km X 15 km grid cell, for all California native vascular plants, as studied by Baldwin et al. (2017 Amer. J. Bot.), including randomization results.

2017. Baldwin, Bruce G., Thornhill, Andrew H., Freyman, William A., Ackerly, David D., Kling, Matthew M., Morueta-Holme, Naia, and Mishler, Brent D. Shown in columns in this Excel spreadsheet are (1) Cell identifier; (2 & 3) X and Y coordinates for the centroid of each grid cell, ... UC Berkeley.

83. Strain-Induced Variant Selection in Heterogeneous Nucleation of α-Ti at Screw Dislocations in β-Ti

2017. Poschmann, Max, Lin, Joseph, Winter, Ian, and Chrzan, Daryl. Molecular dynamics trajectories collected and documented for the manuscript of the same title. Starting point for trajectories is bcc ... UC Berkeley.

84. Subduction thermal regime, slab dehydration, and seismicity distribution beneath Hikurangi based on 3-D simulations

2017. Suenaga, Nobuaki, Ji, Yingfeng, Yoshioka, Shoichi, and Feng, Deshan. The downdip limit of seismogenic interfaces inferred from the subduction thermal regime by thermal models has suggested relating to ... DataONE.

85. Supporting data for Loik et al. 2017 Wavelength-Selective Solar Photovoltaic Systems: Powering greenhouses for plant growth at the food-energy-water nexus. Earth's Future

2017. Loik, Michael. Global renewable electricity generation capacity has rapidly increased in the past decade. Increasing the sustainability of ele... UC Santa Cruz.

86. Surface weather stations and lightning data

2017. Albrecht, Rachel. Surface weather stations and lightning data for diurnal and monthly composities. Objectives: Study the influence of river breezes in the ... DataONE.

87. Tartarugas-marinhas no litoral do Brasil

2017. Leocadio, Jailson. Os dados da pesquisa são de ocorrências de tartarugas-marinhas no litoral do Brasil, selecionados da base de dados disponibilizada no ... DataONE.

88. Testing J48 and KNN Algorithms with Hypothyroid dataset

2017. Zotelli dos Santos, Wanderley José. The purpose of this study is to investigate the hypothyroidism dataset applied to two prediction algorithms, which are the risk ... DataONE.

89. The Million Song Dataset

2017. Bertin-Mahieux, Thierry, P.W. Ellis, Daniel, Whitman, Brian, and Lamere, Paul. We introduce the Million Song Dataset, a freely-available collection of audio features and metadata for a million contemporary popular ... DataONE.

90. Thermal state, slab metamorphism and interface seismicity in the Cascadia subduction zone based on 3-D modeling

2017. JI, Yingfeng, Yoshioka, Shoichi, and Banay, Yuval A. Giant earthquakes have repeatedly ruptured the Cascadia subduction zone, and similar earthquakes will likely also occur there in the near... DataONE.

91. Titanic

2017. Pizcioneri, Lucas. Predição de mortes via algoritmo de classificação. DataONE.

92. TWOSTATE, a resonance Raman excitation profile and absorption spectrum simulator

2017. Kelley, Anne. This Fortran code calculates resonance Raman and absorption spectra using the time-dependent wavepacket method with two excited electroni... UC Merced.

93. UCI Libraries' Chatbot Files (ANTswers)

2017. Kane, Danielle. ANTswers is an experimental chatbot that can answer questions about the UC Irvine Libraries. ANTswers is a web-based application, run on ... UC Irvine.

94. Utilização do classificador Perceptron multicamadas em um dataset para classificação de veiculos

2017. Ferreira Brandão, Roniele. O presente trabalho teve por finalidade mostrar a analise comparativa do classificador multilayerPerceptron no dataset com os dados para ... DataONE.

95. Vegetation Change in the Natural Reserve of Orange County

2017. Suding, Katherine, Dickens, Sara Jo, and Bedgood, Samuel. This data set describes vegetation change in 109 areas in the Nature Reserve of Orange County. The authors of this data were mainly ... UC Irvine.

96. Vibrational Neutron Spectroscopy Data for Small Molecule Organic Semiconductors

2017. Harrelson, Thomas, Dantanarayana, Varuni, Faller, Roland, and Moule, Adam. Organic semiconductors are a class of molecules that self-assemble into materials that have semiconducting properties. Recently, ... UC Davis.

97. Votos a partir das propostas do partido.

2017. Almeida, Leonardo. Esta pesquisa tem por objetivo entender melhor os dados do arquivo fornecido através da ferramenta Weka sobre as propostas dos partidos ... DataONE.

98. Wax Lake Delta Dataset

2017. Ma, Hongxu. The surrogate bio-volume and topography spatial dataset of Wax Lake Delta . UC Berkeley.

99. WDS2

2017. Lins da Silva, Daniel, Batista, André, and Correa, Pedro. Teste de publicação dos Dados do WDS2 http://public.tableau.com/profile/andre6460#!/vizhome/Livro1-WDS/Painel1. DataONE.

100. Wikipedia XML revision history data dumps (stub-meta-history.xml.gz) from 20 April 2017

2017. Geiger, R. Stuart and Halfaker, Aaron. Wikipedia revision metadata for every edit to every page in seven major language versions of Wikipedia. Files in this collection are ... UC Berkeley.