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451. Supporting Files for Schiebelhut LM, Puritz JB & Dawson MN (2018) "Decimation by sea star wasting disease and rapid genetic change in a keystone species, Pisaster ochraceus" PNAS

2018. Schiebelhut, Lauren. The data files associated with Schiebelhut LM, Puritz JB & Dawson MN (2018) "Decimation by sea star wasting disease and rapid ... UC Merced.

452. Supporting Information: Toward learned chemical perception of force field typing rules

2018. Zanette, Camila, Bannan, Caitlin C., Bayly, Christopher I., Fass, Josh, Gilson, Michael K., Shirts, Michael R., Chodera, John D., and Mobley, David L. The Open Force Field Initiative seeks to to automate force field development in order to advance force fields and improve accuracy ... UC Irvine.

453. Surface weather stations and lightning data

2017. Albrecht, Rachel. Surface weather stations and lightning data for diurnal and monthly composities. Objectives: Study the influence of river breezes in the ... DataONE.

454. Surviving R Kelly

2019. Jules, Bergis. This tweet identifier dataset was collected from the Twitter streaming and search APIs to collect tweets containing the phrase "R ... UC Riverside.

455. SWIR Camera in Walnut site 120 meters

2018. Niu, Haoyu, Zhao, Tiebiao, and Chen, YangQuan. SWIR 120 meters. UC Merced.

456. Synthetic Log-Conductivity

2019. Harken, Bradley. This dataset contains the baseline fields for the case study described in the manuscript Hydrogeological Modeling and Water Res... UC Berkeley.

457. T4 Lysozyme (L99A) LigandFEP Homologous Ligand Series Data

2016. Lim, Nathan, Wang, Lingle, Abel, Robert, and Mobley, David. Despite innovations in sampling techniques for molecular dynamics (MD), reliable prediction of protein-ligand binding free energies from ... UC Irvine.

458. Targeted Cortical Reorganization using Optogenetics in Non-human primates: Electrocorticography in Sensorimotor Cortex during Optogenetic Stimulation

2018. Yazdan-Shahmorad, Azadeh*, Silversmith, Daniel B.*, Kharazia, Viktor, and Sabes, Philip N. The data consists of electrocorticography (ECoG) recordings over primary somatosensory and primary motor cortices in two rhesus ... UC San Francisco.

459. Tartarugas-marinhas no litoral do Brasil

2017. Leocadio, Jailson. Os dados da pesquisa são de ocorrências de tartarugas-marinhas no litoral do Brasil, selecionados da base de dados disponibilizada no ... DataONE.

460. Temperature-Dependent Dynamics of Molecular Dopant in Conjugated Polymer

2018. Li, Jun, Murrey, Tucker, Diallo, Souleymane, and Moule, Adam. Understanding the nature of dopant dynamics in the solid state is critical for improving the longevity and stability of organic ... UC Davis.

461. Test

2019. Michalski, David. test abstract. DataONE.

462. Teste de aula

2016. Doimo, Débora. Dataset retirado do site do governo brasileiro para testes. DataONE.

463. Testing J48 and KNN Algorithms with Hypothyroid dataset

2017. Zotelli dos Santos, Wanderley José. The purpose of this study is to investigate the hypothyroidism dataset applied to two prediction algorithms, which are the risk ... DataONE.


2018. Ershov, Bogdan, Ashmarov, Igor, and Danilchenko, Sergey.       The article examines church architecture in modern Russia. The historical processes of the development of church architecture are ... DataONE.

465. The influence of dopamine on cognitive flexibility is mediated by functional connectivity in young but not older adults

2018. Berry, Anne. Dopaminergic signaling in striatum is strongly implicated in executive functions including cognitive flexibility. However, there is ... UC Berkeley.

466. The Million Song Dataset

2017. Bertin-Mahieux, Thierry, P.W. Ellis, Daniel, Whitman, Brian, and Lamere, Paul. We introduce the Million Song Dataset, a freely-available collection of audio features and metadata for a million contemporary popular ... DataONE.

468. The Role of Federal Libraries in Research Data Services

2012. Birch, William. DataONE.


2019. Ershov, Bogdan and Ashmarov, Igor. The article discusses the importance of objects of historical and cultural heritage of Voronezh (Russia). Monuments of history and ... UC Press.

470. The WeAllWalk Data Set

2016. Flores, German and Manduchi, Roberto. This data set contains time series from inertial sensors carried by blind subjects walking through pre-determined routes In two buildings... UC Santa Cruz.

471. Thermal and energetic ion dynamics in Ganymede's magnetosphere

2018. Poppe, Dr. Andrew. This dataset accompanies the manuscript "Thermal and energetic dynamics in Ganymede's magnetosphere", JGR Space Physics, 2018. . UC Berkeley.

472. Thermal camera data

2018. Niu, Haoyu and Zhao, Tiebiao. TIR flight 4   2:17pm   pome   30m   1011 flight 5   2:44pm   peach   30m   1887 flight 6   3:24pm   peach   60m   2990 flight 7   4:15pm... UC Merced.

473. Thermal camera in walnut site 60 meters

2018. Niu, Haoyu, Zhao, Tiebiao, and Chen, YangQuan. Thermal camera in walnut site 60 meters. UC Merced.

474. Thermal state, slab metamorphism and interface seismicity in the Cascadia subduction zone based on 3-D modeling

2017. JI, Yingfeng, Yoshioka, Shoichi, and Banay, Yuval A. Giant earthquakes have repeatedly ruptured the Cascadia subduction zone, and similar earthquakes will likely also occur there in the near... DataONE.

475. Time Course of Individuals Vaccinated with YF-17D

2016. Russo, Pedro. A major challenge in vaccinology is to prospectively determine vaccine efficacy. Here we have used a systems biology approach to ... DataONE.

476. Titanic

2017. Pizcioneri, Lucas. Predição de mortes via algoritmo de classificação. DataONE.

477. Tobacco-free retailers project

2014. McDaniel, Patricia A and Malone, Ruth E. This dataset contains the transcripts of 15 focus groups conducted in California, New York state, and Ohio from 2009-2013 concerning ... UC San Francisco.

478. Training and Support for Student Library Employees in a Tiered Reference Service Model: Supporting Materials

2018. Quigley, Brian, Loo, Jeffery, Ngo, Lisa, Powell, Susan, Teplitzky, Samantha, Sackmann, Anna, and Rupp, Kortney. To cultivate students’ reference skills, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Division of the UC Berkeley Library developed an active ... UC Berkeley.

479. Transit Network Design Instance (Sao Paulo Late Night)

2018. Arbex, Renato. Transit Network Design dataset for Sao Paulo instance. This dataset contains list of Nodes, Links, Demand and Travel times to be used for... DataONE.

480. Tree species abundance through time in tropical forest census plots, Panama

2018. Condit, Richard, Pérez, Rolando, Aguilar, Salomón, Lao, Suzanne, Robin, Foster, and Hubbell, Stephen. All trees at least 1 cm diameter at breast height were censused in three sites in Panama. The Barro Colorado plot is 50 hectares in area ... DataONE.

481. #twitterandnews

2018. Jules, Bergis. 364 tweet ids and referenced urls collected from the #twitterandnews Twitter chat hosted by the Knight Foundation on Thursday, March 8th,... UC Riverside.

482. TWOSTATE, a resonance Raman excitation profile and absorption spectrum simulator

2017. Kelley, Anne. This Fortran code calculates resonance Raman and absorption spectra using the time-dependent wavepacket method with two excited electroni... UC Merced.

483. UCI Libraries' Chatbot Files (ANTswers)

2017. Kane, Danielle. ANTswers is an experimental chatbot that can answer questions about the UC Irvine Libraries. ANTswers is a web-based application, run on ... UC Irvine.

484. Utilização do classificador Perceptron multicamadas em um dataset para classificação de veiculos

2017. Ferreira Brandão, Roniele. O presente trabalho teve por finalidade mostrar a analise comparativa do classificador multilayerPerceptron no dataset com os dados para ... DataONE.

485. Vegetation Change in the Natural Reserve of Orange County

2017. Suding, Katherine, Dickens, Sara Jo, and Bedgood, Samuel. This data set describes vegetation change in 109 areas in the Nature Reserve of Orange County. The authors of this data were mainly ... UC Irvine.

486. Vegetation Classification for the Nature Reserve of Orange County

2016. AECOM, Aerial Information System, Inc., and California Native Plant Society. The ultimate goal of this project is to create an updated fine‐scale vegetation map for about 58,000 acres of Orange County, consisting o... UC Irvine.

487. Vegetation monitoring

2015. The Nature Conservancy San Diego Field Office. For more detailed metadata, including data access and usage instructions, please download and consult README.txt file. UC Irvine.

488. Vias USP

2016. CEM. Dados que contém as vias da cidade universitária da USP. DataONE.

489. Vibrational Neutron Scattering Spectra for Undoped and Doped P3HT

2018. Harrelson, Thomas, Li, Jun, and Moule, Adam. Doped semiconducting polymers have garnered vast research interest in photovoltaic, transistor, thermoelectric, and sensor applications. ... UC Davis.

490. Vibrational Neutron Spectroscopy Data for Small Molecule Organic Semiconductors

2017. Harrelson, Thomas, Dantanarayana, Varuni, Faller, Roland, and Moule, Adam. Organic semiconductors are a class of molecules that self-assemble into materials that have semiconducting properties. Recently, ... UC Davis.

491. Videos of Etching Gold Nanocubes and Nanorhombic Dodecahedra in Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy

2018. Hauwiller, Matthew, Ondry, Justin, and Alivisatos, A. Paul. Liquid cell Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) provides the opportunity to view nanocrystal dynamics in their native liquid ... UC Berkeley.

492. Videos of Gold Nanorods Etching in Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy- 28 mM FeCl3

2019. Hauwiller, Matthew, Ondry, Justin, and Alivisatos, A. Paul. Premade gold nanorods were etched in a graphene liquid cell and imaged using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). An aqueous ... UC Berkeley.

493. Videos of Gold Nanorods Etching in Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy- 34 mM FeCl3

2019. Hauwiller, Matthew, Ondry, Justin, and Alivisatos, A. Paul. Premade gold nanorods were etched in a graphene liquid cell and imaged using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). An aqueous ... UC Berkeley.

494. Videos of Gold Nanorods Etching in Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy- 38 mM FeCl3

2019. Hauwiller, Matthew, Ondry, Justin, and Alivisatos, A. Paul. Premade gold nanorods were etched in a graphene liquid cell and imaged using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). An aqueous ... UC Berkeley.

495. Videos of Gold Nanorods Etching in Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy- 42 mM FeCl3

2019. Hauwiller, Matthew, Ondry, Justin, and Alivisatos, A. Paul. Premade gold nanorods were etched in a graphene liquid cell and imaged using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). An aqueous ... UC Berkeley.

496. Votos a partir das propostas do partido.

2017. Almeida, Leonardo. Esta pesquisa tem por objetivo entender melhor os dados do arquivo fornecido através da ferramenta Weka sobre as propostas dos partidos ... DataONE.

497. Voxel-wise co-analysis of macro- and microstructural brain alteration in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's disease using anatomical and diffusion MRI

2012. Cardenas, Valerie, Tosun, Duygu, Chao, Linda, Fletcher, P. Thomas, Joshi, Sarang, Joshi, Sarang, Weiner, Michael W., and Schuff, Norbert. Structural and diffusion data from cognitively normal elderly and those with mild cognitive impairment. Background and Purpose: To ... UC San Francisco.

498. Water uptake, cloud condensation nuclei and surface tension: results from the MadFACTS campaign

2018. Forestieri, Sara, Staudt, Sean, Kuborn, Thomas, Ruehl, Christopher, Bertram, Timothy, and Cappa, Christopher. This data set is associated with the manuscript “Establishing the Impact of Model Surfactants on Cloud Condensation Nuclei Activity of ... UC Davis.

499. Wax Lake Delta Dataset

2017. Ma, Hongxu. The surrogate bio-volume and topography spatial dataset of Wax Lake Delta . UC Berkeley.

500. WDS2

2017. Lins da Silva, Daniel, Batista, André, and Correa, Pedro. Teste de publicação dos Dados do WDS2 http://public.tableau.com/profile/andre6460#!/vizhome/Livro1-WDS/Painel1. DataONE.