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21. Academic Libraries Follow-Up dataset

2016. Tenopir, Carol, Hughes, Dane, Allard, Suzie, Frame, Mike, Birch, Ben, Baird, Lynn, Sandusky, Robert, Langseth, Madison, and Lundeen, Andrew. This is the data set to the Libraries Follow-Up only. This is the planned 1st follow-up for DataONE Libraries stakeholders. DataONE.

22. Aerosol particle measurements taken during the airborn ARISTO 2016 campaign.

2019. Ortega, John, Smith, James, Snider, Jefferson, and Reeves, J. Michael. Several different types of measurements of particle size and concentration were compared during the 2016 Airborne Research Inst... UC Irvine.

23. Air quality and respiratory hospital admissions - Guarulhos - SP/Brazil (2015-2017

2018. Fernandes, Fernando and Germani, Eduardo. Linkage of polluant and weather measurements with hosptital admissions from a major city in South America (Brazil-SP-Guarulhos). DataONE.

24. AlleleAnalyzer supporting data

2019. Keough, Kathleen, Lyalina, Svetlana, Olvera, Michael, Whalen, Sean, Conklin, Bruce, and Pollard, Katherine. The CRISPR/Cas system is a highly specific genome editing tool capable of distinguishing alleles differing by even a single base ... UC San Francisco.

25. Alpha-1A Adrenergic Receptor in Rabbit Heart

2016. Simpson, Paul C. The alpha-1A-adrenergic receptor (AR) subtype is associated with cardioprotective signaling in the mouse and human heart. The rabbit is ... UC San Francisco.

26. Alpine plant removal

2013. Lortie, Christopher. global plant neighbourhood removal. DataONE.

27. AlugueEscarpas

2016. Machado, Raquel and Faria, Leandro. O dataset Alugue Escarpas possui dados do site de aluguel de casas de temporada na região de Capitólio-MG. Utilizado na disciplina de ... DataONE.

28. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Community Engagement Fellows Program (CEFP) Advocacy / Ambassador Program Survey

2018. Woodley, Lou, Binder, Melanie, O'Donnell, Stephanie, Olds, Heidi, Pope, Allen, Rabinowitz, Gabrielle, and Volchok, Rosanna. “Advocacy programs” are ways that organizations empower community members to become more active in moving forward that community’s ... DataONE.

29. #AmplifyWomen

2017. Jules, Bergis. This dataset includes 10,894 tweet ids for tweets that used that hashtag #AmplifyWomen. The tweets were collected on October 14th, ... UC Riverside.

30. An Automated Pipeline for the Discovery of Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theory Narrative Frameworks -- processed data

2019. Tangherlini, Timothy, Roychowdhury, Vwani, Shahsavary, Shadi, and Shahbazi, Behnam. Raw cleaned data for "An Automated Pipeline for the Discovery of Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theory Narrative Frameworks". UC Los Angeles.