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151. Datasets for MRMT

2019. Guo, Zhilin. Purpose of this study is to evaluate the capacity of a previously-developed upscaling approach to adequately describe main solu... DataONE.

152. Deep Learning-based Eco-driving System for Battery Electric Vehicles

2019. Wu, Guoyuan, Ye, Fei, Hao, Peng, Esaid, Danial, Boriboonsomsin, Kanok, and Barth, Matthew. The uninterrupted growth in transportation activities, for both people and goods movement, have been exerting significant pressure on ... UC Riverside.

153. Defining hydrogel properties to instruct lineage- and cell-specific mesenchymal differentiation

2018. Leach, Kent. The maintenance and direction of stem cell lineage after implantation remains challenging for clinical translation. Aggregation and ... UC Davis.

154. Demonstration retrievals from "Quantification of the effect of modeled lightning NO2 on UV-visible air mass factors"

2017. Laughner, Joshua and Cohen, Ronald. Space-borne measurements of tropospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are up to 10x more sensitive to upper tropospheric NO2 than near-surface ... UC Berkeley.

155. Deslocamento no canal do porto

2016. Bandones Correa, Guilherme. Dados de movimentação de navios em um porto. DataONE.

156. Detailed experimental investigation of air speed field induced by ceiling fans

2018. Liu, Shou, Lipczynska, Aleksandra, Schiavon, Stefano, and Arens, Edward. Comfort cooling by ceiling fans is cost-effective and energy-efficient compared to compressor-based cooling and fans are common... UC Berkeley.


2019. Ershov, Bogdan and Ashmarov, Igor. The article examines church architecture in modern Russia. The historical processes of the development of church architecture are ... DataONE.

158. Direct mapping of curve-crossing dynamics in IBr by attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy

2019. Kobayashi, Yuki, Chang, Kristina, Zeng, Tao, Neumark, Daniel, and Leone, Stephen. Herein is the experimental data set for the publication titled "Direct mapping of curve-crossing dynamics in IBr by attosecond ... UC Berkeley.

159. Directed Evolution of AAV for Efficient Gene Delivery to Canine and Primate Retina - Raw counts of variants from deep sequencing

2018. Byrne, Leah, Day, Timothy, Visel, Meike, Dalkara, Deniz, Dufour, Valerie, Pompeo Marinho, Felipe, Merigan, William, Aguirre, Gustavo, Beltran, William, Schaffer, David, and Flannery, John. Efficient AAV-mediated gene delivery remains a significant obstacle to effective retinal gene therapies. Here, we apply the process of ... UC Berkeley.

160. DirectoryInfo

2014. Reddy, JanakiRam. StudyNets. DataONE.

161. Diário Oficial da União

2017. Jarske, Johne. O Diário Oficial da União - DOU, é uma publicação na qual o estado brasileiro tem de tornar público todo e qualquer assunto acerca do ... DataONE.

162. Disaggregated soil moisture simulations

2018. Ajami, Hoori and Sharma, Ashish. This dataset include disaggregated soil moisture data using various alternatives for 2008 data. . UC Riverside.

163. Discomfort due to glare from a large source: Evaluating stimulus range effects when using the luminance adjustment procedure

2018. Kent, Michael, Cheung, Toby, and Schiavon, Stefano. Using the luminance adjustment procedure, we evaluated four discomfort sensation on a Hopkinson-like glare scale: (a), (b), (c) ... UC Berkeley.

164. Disparities of HIV risk and PrEP use among transgender women of color in South Florida.

2018. Perez-Gilbe, Hector R., Holder, Cheryl L., Fajardo, Francisco J., Garcia, Stephanie, and Cyrus, Elena. Background:  The majority of the transgender female population in South Florida are Latina and Black, and are at greatest risk for ... UC Irvine.

165. Dissolved oxygen and temperature data to estimate stream metabolism

2016. Fremier, Alexander, Mejia, Francine, and Watson, Grace. This dissolved oxygen and temperature dataset is part of a stream metabolism study in the Methow River Basin in North Central Washington ... DataONE.

166. Distribuição da arvore e atributos mais importantes

2017. Monteiro, Kaio. Neste artigo vou utilizar a ferramenta Weka para analisar o comportamento da base de dados soybean com o algoritmo J48 e training ... DataONE.

167. DocNow Digital Blackness

2017. Jules, Bergis. This dataset includes 2,995 tweets collected using the keyword "BlackDigArchive" and 1,888 tweets collected using the hashtag "... UC Riverside.

168. Dopaminergic mechanisms underlying normal variation in trait anxiety: supplemental

2018. Berry, Anne and Berry, Anne. Trait anxiety has been associated with altered activity within corticolimbic pathways connecting the amygdala and rostral anterior ... UC Berkeley.

169. Double digest RADseq loci using standard Illumina indexes improve deep and shallow phylogenetic resolution of Lophodermium, a widespread fungal endophyte of pine needles

2018. Oono, Ryoko and Salas Lizana, Rodolfo. The phylogenetic and population genetic structure of symbiotic microorganisms may correlate with important ecological traits that can ... DataONE.

170. #DrawingWhileBlack

2017. Jules, Bergis. The hashtag #DrawingWhileBlack was started by artist, Annabelle, on September 15th, 2017 to celebrate the work of Black artists. The ... UC Riverside.

171. #DuragFest

2018. Jules, Bergis. A festival in celebration of the Durag was held and it was glorious. https://blavity.com/a-durag-fest-was-thrown-in-the-south-and-it-was-... UC Riverside.

172. Ecosystem Scale Measurements of Methyl Halide Fluxes from a Brackish Tidal Marsh Invaded with Perennial Pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium)

2018. Deventer, Malte Julian, Jiao, Yi, Knox, Sarah, Anderson, Frank, Ferner, Matthew, Lewis, Jared, Rhew, Robert, and Rhew, Robert. Natural methyl chloride (CH3Cl) and methyl bromide (CH3Br) emissions from coastal marsh ecosystems may constitute a significant proportio... UC Berkeley.

173. Eddy flux measurements and transfer velocities of momentum, sensible heat, water vapor, and sulfur dioxide at Scripps Pier

2018. Saltzman, Eric, Porter, Jack, and De Bruyn, Warren. This data set contains air/sea eddy covariance fluxes and related data measured at Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California.  The goal of ... UC Irvine.

174. Effect of Drought Stress on the Genetic Architecture of Photosynthate Allocation and Remobilization in Pods of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), a Key Species for Food Security

2019. Gepts, Paul, Berny Mier y Teran, Jorge Carlos, Konzen, Enéas R., Palkovic, Antonia, Tsai, Siu M., Rao, Idupulapati M., and Beebe, Stephen. Background: Common bean is the most important staple grain legume for direct human consumption and nutrition. It complements major source... UC Davis.

175. Effect of non-Schmid Stresses on a-type Screw Dislocation Core Structure and Mobility in Titanium

2018. Poschmann, Max. Data summarizing DFT calculations concerning the effects of non-Schmid stresses on dislocation core structure and mobility in t... UC Berkeley.

176. Emergence of complex institutions in a large population of self-governing communities

2019. Frey, Seth. Most aspects of our lives are governed by large, highly developed institutions that integrate several governance tasks under one ... UC Davis.

177. Empirical Studies on the difference between urban and rural of different areas in China

2016. Chen, Juan. Objective: The paper examines whether out-of-pocket health care expenditure also has regional discrepancies, comparing to the equity ... UC Berkeley.

178. Employment Accessibility in the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Region

2018. Freiberg, German. This research aims to assess the relation between employment accessibility by public transport and by private transport and social ... DataONE.

179. Environmental drivers of adult locomotion and reproduction in a symbiont-hosting sea anemone

2019. Bedgood, Samuel. This data was collected from the sea anemone species Exaiptasia diaphana collected in the Florida Keys in January 2016. Anemones were ... DataONE.

180. Environmental variables gaps

2013. Duran, Cristabel. This data is about the environmental variables corresponding to the plots made for the gap study in the tropical mountain forest of Sierr... DataONE.

181. Establishment and Management of Native Functional Groups in Restoration

2015. Kimball, Sarah, Lulow, Megan E., and Sorenson, Quinn M. The limiting similarity hypothesis predicts that communities should be more resistant to invasion by non-natives when they include native... UC Irvine.

182. Estimation of methane emissions from the U.S. ammonia fertilizer industry using a mobile sensing approach (supplemental data)

2019. Zhou, Xiaochi. This is the supplemental data for the paper entitled "Estimation of methane emissions from the U.S. ammonia fertilizer industry using a ... DataONE.

183. Eurytemora affinis 2008 Experiments

2012. Strasser, Carly. Experiments to determine population growth rate. UC Office of the President.

184. EVA Workflow 1 Package

2013. Cuevas, Victor. This workflow enables to generate gpp benchmark data. DataONE.

185. Evaluating the effects of land-use change and future climate change on vulnerability of coastal landscapes to saltwater intrusion

2018. Bhattachan, Abinash, Emanuel, Ryan, Ardon, Marcelo, Bernhardt, Emily, Anderson, Steven, Stillwagon, Matthew, Ury, Emily, Bendor, Todd, and Wright, Justin. The exposure of freshwater-dependent coastal ecosystems to saltwater is a present-day impact of climate and land-use changes in many ... DataONE.

186. Evaluating the Impact of a Mandatory Pre-Abortion Ultrasound Viewing Law: A Mixed Methods Study

2017. Upadhyay, Ushma, Kimport, Katrina, Belusa, Elise, Johns, Nicole, Laube, Douglas, and Roberts, Sarah. Background Since mid-2013, Wisconsin abortion providers have been legally required to display and describe pre-abortion ultrasound ... UC San Francisco.

187. Evaluating the Impact of Altmetrics

2012. Wright, Drew. Librarians, publishers, and researchers have long placed significant emphasis on journal metrics such as the impact factor. However, thes... DataONE.

188. Evolution of Northwest Greenland Glaciers

2018. Wood, Michael. In recent decades, tidewater glaciers in Northwest Greenland contributed significantly to sea level rise but exhibited a complex ... UC Irvine.

189. Evolution of SSR diversity from wild types to U.S. advanced cultivars in the Andean and Mesoamerican domestications of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

2018. Gepts, Paul. Progress in common bean breeding requires the exploitation of genetic variation among market classes, races and gene pools. The present ... UC Davis.

190. Experiences of women who travel for abortion: a mixed methods systematic review

2018. Barr-Walker, Jill, Jayaweera, Ruvani, Ramirez, Ana, and Gerdts, Caitlin. Objective To systematically review the literature on women’s experiences traveling for abortion and assess how this concept has ... UC San Francisco.

191. Experimental and Supplementary Data for The Roles of Impact and Inertia in the Failure of a Shoelace Knot

2017. Daily-Diamond, Christopher, Gregg, Christine, and O'Reilly, Oliver. Raw experimental data gathered during impulsive forcing of a shoelace knot on a pendulum apparatus, in various orientations, with ... UC Berkeley.

192. Falk et al Plot Data

2018. Igel, Adele, Falk, Nicholas, and Igel, Matthew. Plot data for Falk et al 2019. Falk, N. M., A. L. Igel and M. R. Igel, 2019: The Relative Impact of Ice Fall Speeds and Microphysics ... UC Davis.

193. Fast Charging Tests

2015. Gun, Defne, Perez, Hector, and Moura, Scott. A series of tests were carried out in order to explore alternate charging protocols to the standard CCCV. Using such alternative ... UC Berkeley.

194. Female Breeding Histories at Año Nuevo

2018. Condit, R, Reiter, Joanne, Morris, Patricia, and Le Boeuf, Burney. The elephant seal (Mirounga angustirostris) breeding colony at Año Nuevo, California, was founded in 1961, and since monitored closely ... UC Santa Cruz.

195. Figures for "California forest die-off linked to multi-year deep soil drying in 2012-2015 drought"

2019. Goulden, Michael and Goulden, Michael. Data underlying main figures in "California forest die-off linked to multi-year deep soil drying in 2012-2015 drought", published in ... UC Irvine.

196. Final Fault Slip BSZ JGRB53332

2019. Kyriakopoulos, Christodoulos. This is the dataset (Final Fault Slip) corresponding to the "Dynamic rupture scenarios in the Brawley seismic zone, Salton Trough, southe... UC Riverside.

197. Fitting Dynamic Regression Models to Seshat Data - Supplemental Material

2018. Turchin, Peter. This article presents a general statistical approach suitable for the analysis of time-resolved (time-series) cross-cultural data. The go... UC Press.

198. Floral traits influence the opportunity for selection among male gametophytes: independent and combined effects of style length and petal area

2019. Mazer, Susan, Chellew, Joseph, and Peach, Kristen. The data set included here was used for the analyses published in a paper titled, " American Journal of Botany, for which the abstract is... UC Santa Barbara.

199. Forcing files and Model output for "Contrasting impacts of the South Pacific Split Jet and the Southern Annular Mode modulation on Southern Ocean circulation and biogeochemistry"

2017. Chiang, John, Tokos, Kathy, Lee, Shih-Yu, and Matsumoto, Katsumi. This contains the CESM forcing files and ocean model output used in Chiang J.C.H, K. Tokos, S.-Y. Lee, and K. Matsumoto, Contrasting ... UC Berkeley.

200. Forcing files and model output for "Intensification of the pre-Meiyu rainband in the late 21st century"

2019. Chiang, John, Fischer, Johannes, Kong, Wenwen, and Herman, Michael. This contains the SST forcing files and model output for the CESM idealized runs used in  Chiang, JCH, J Fisher, W Kong, and MJ Herman, ... UC Berkeley.