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401. Rain and Hail intensity. March 2013

2014. Aguilar, Fernando. Rain and Hail intensity. Cuerda del Pozo. March 2013. IFCA.

402. Rain and Hail intensity. May 2013

2014. Aguilar, Fernando. Rain and Hail intensity. Cuerda del Pozo. May 2013. IFCA.

403. Rain and Hail intensity. May 2013

2014. Aguilar, Fernando. Rain and Hail intensity. Cuerda del Pozo. May 2013. IFCA.

404. Rain and Hail intensity. November 2013

2014. Aguilar, Fernando. Rain and Hail intensity. Cuerda del Pozo. November 2013. IFCA.

405. Rain and Hail intensity. November 2013

2014. Aguilar, Fernando. Rain and Hail intensity. Cuerda del Pozo. November 2013. IFCA.

406. Rain and Hail intensity. October 2013

2014. Aguilar, Fernando. Rain and Hail intensity. Cuerda del Pozo. October 2013. IFCA.

407. Rain and Hail intensity. October 2013

2014. Aguilar, Fernando. Rain and Hail intensity. Cuerda del Pozo. October 2013. IFCA.

408. Rain and Hail intensity. September 2013

2014. Aguilar, Fernando. Rain and Hail intensity. Cuerda del Pozo. September 2013. IFCA.

409. Rain and Hail intensity. September 2013

2014. Aguilar, Fernando. Rain and Hail intensity. Cuerda del Pozo. September 2013. IFCA.

410. Rain Gauge Rainfall Collection Data obtained at 620 Sao Bento Street, Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Zip Code 07070-000, from Aug. 24, 2015 to Nov, 24, 2015

2015. Batista, Andre. The dataset shows the amount of rainfall collected in a rain gauge outside my house in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, from Aug. 24,2015 to... DataONE.

411. Rare plant surveys

2015. The Nature Conservancy San Diego Field Office. For more detailed metadata, including data access and usage instructions, please download and consult README.txt file. UC Irvine.

412. Re-analysis of microarray data from rapamycin resistant DLBCL cell lines

2014. Laurance, Megan. This dataset contains a re-analysis of the raw microarray data originally published by Petrich AM et al in 2012 (citation details are ... UC San Francisco.

413. Reannotation of CCA-ends, initiator tRNAs, and other CAU-anticodon tRNAs of prokaryotic genomes in tRNAdb-CE 0.8

2016. Ardell, David H. and Hou, Ya-Ming. Background: While the CCA sequence at the mature 3′ end of tRNAs is conserved and critical for translational function, a genetic template... UC Merced.

414. Reclamações do consumidor - Jan2015

2016. Rodrigues, Joao. Os dados representam cada reclamação feita por consumidores ao Procon no mês de Janeiro de 2015. Os dados são do tipo qualitativo e foram... DataONE.

415. Redefining Near-Unity Luminescence in Quantum Dots with Photothermal Threshold Quantum Yield

2019. Hanifi, David, Bronstein, Noah, Koscher, Brent, Nett, Zach, Swabeck, Joseph, Takano, Kaori, Schwartzberg, Adam, Maserati, Lorenzo, Vandewal, Koen, van de Burgt, Yoeri, Salleo, Alberto, and Alivisatos, Paul. Herin is the code and example data sets for the publication titled: "Redefining Near-Unity Luminescence in Quantum Dots with Photothermal... UC Berkeley.

416. Regional and disease-related differences in properties of the equine temporomandibular joint disc

2018. Cissell, Derek. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are increasingly recognized in animals. The articular disc plays a major role in TMJ disorders in... UC Davis.

417. Regional Planning Fingerprint - Coastal California

2019. Hirschfeld, Daniella, Hill, Kristina, and Riordan, Bruce. Human actions are accelerating the pace of climate change placing significant stress on ecosystems (Stein et al., 2013). Institutions ... UC Berkeley.

418. Remineralization of dentin, Effect of Protease Inhibitors

2017. Habelitz, Stefan, Marshall, Grayson, and Nurrohman, Hamid. Mineralized and sound dentin matrices contain inactive preforms of proteolytic enzymes that may be activated during the demineralization ... UC San Francisco.

419. Remineralizing Enamel : A Literature Review

2019. Karuppiah, Carolina. Background: Tooth enamel is a non-living tissue, once matured it can no longer remineralization itself. Unfortunately, there are only a f... UC Merced.

420. Remote sensing spectral vegetation indices for 2011 NWCA wetland sites

2019. Dronova, Iryna, Taddeo, Sophie, and Harris, Kendall. This dataset represents the values of Landsat-based spectral vegetation indices estimated for 1138 wetland sites included in the ... UC Berkeley.

421. Reptile and amphibian surveys

2015. The Nature Conservancy San Diego Field Office. For more detailed metadata, including data access and usage instructions, please download and consult README.txt file. UC Irvine.

422. Researcher perspectives on publication and peer review of data

2014. Kratz, John and Strasser, Carly. Data ``publication'' seeks to appropriate the prestige of authorship in the peer-reviewed literature to reward researchers who create ... UC Office of the President.

423. Restoration of incomplete oceanographic datasets

2018. Ameli, Siavash and Shadden, Shawn. Remote sensing of oceanographic data often yields incomplete coverage of the measurement domain. This can limit interpretability of the d... UC Berkeley.

424. Revenue design thinking: constructing an accelerated cash /phased write down story

2018. Felker, Christopher. A well-designed data story is a launch point for revenue cycle professionals using analytics to manage accounts receivable according ... DataONE.

425. Revenue design thinking: implementing enterprise tableau reporting at UC San Diego Health

2018. Felker, Christopher, Ahl, Sue, and Kavanaugh, Tiffany. In February 2018, the authors agreed to participate in an Enterprise Tableau implementation. There were 17 (seventeen) pilot projects ... DataONE.

426. RGB Camera Walnut Site 60 meters

2018. Niu, Haoyu, Zhao, Tiebiao, and Chen, YangQuan. RGB Camera Walnut Site 60 meters. UC Merced.

427. Rhythm of Attention

2019. Farahbod, Haleh, Saberi, Kourosh, and Hickok, Gregory. Modulation patterns are known to carry critical predictive cues to signal detection in complex acoustic environments.  The current study ... UC Irvine.

428. Ribosome profiling reveals a functional role for autophagy in protein translational control

2019. Goldsmith, Juliet. Autophagy promotes protein degradation, and therefore has been proposed to maintain amino acid pools to sustain protein synthesis ... UC San Francisco.

429. Runoff modeling of a coastal basin to assess variations in response to shifting climate and land use: Implications for managed recharge

2018. Beganskas, Sarah, Young, Kyle, Fisher, Andrew, Harmon, Ryan, and Lozano, Sacha. We quantified hillslope runoff distribution in a coastal, mixed-use basin, the Pajaro Valley Drainage Basin (PVDB), under different ... UC Santa Cruz.

430. Russian state policy in the field of culture: X-XX centuries

2018. Ershov, Bogdan, Muhina, Natalia, and Ashmarov, Igor.     The manual reveals numerous issues of Russian statehood, based on the continuity and variability of the course of historical ... DataONE.

431. Salinity and Velocity in Lower South San Francisco Bay

2019. Hoang, Olivia. In order to measure salinity gradients in the longitudinal, lateral, and vertical directions, a mesh of nine Ruskin RBR XR-420 CTDs and t... UC Berkeley.

432. Salmon Creek Organic Geochemistry Chemometric Data

2017. Larsen, Laurel, Larsen, Laurel, and Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo. This datafile contains fluorescence indices and the results of a parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC) performed on samples collected ... UC Berkeley.

433. Salmon Creek radon data

2017. Larsen, Laurel and Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo. This datafile contains results of 222Rn analysis of samples collected within the Salmon Creek Watershed in Sonoma County, Califonia. Plea... UC Berkeley.

434. Salmon Creek salmonid and habitat data 2012-14

2017. Woelfle-erskine, Cleo. Data from snorkel surveys of intermittent streams during the summer rearing period (May-October) and associated habitat data. Part of a ... UC Berkeley.

435. Salmon Creek Watershed Stable Isotope Data

2017. Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo. Stable isotope (O and H) data collected from stream pools, piezometers, springs, and wells in the Salmon Creek watershed in 2014 ... UC Berkeley.

436. SanFranciscoBay_Adapt2SeaLevelRise_CountyData

2017. Hirschfeld, Daniella and Hill, Kristina. In metropolitan regions made up of multiple independent jurisdictions, adaptation to increased coastal flooding due to sea leve... UC Berkeley.

437. Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Pedotransfer Models

2019. Araya, Samuel and Ghezzehei, Teamrat. This repository contains machine learning-based pedotransfer models that predict saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ks) and the including.... UC Merced.

438. #SaveACA

2017. Jules, Bergis. On January 12th, 2017 the Senate voted 51-48 to approve a budget resolution as the first step in repealing the Affordable Care Act. The ... UC Riverside.

439. Score compounds using 275 frequent hitter rules published in the Lilly-Medchem-Rules

2019. Davies, Julia. Robert Bruns and Ian Watson published 275 rules to identify frequent hitters based on 18-years of experiments at Eli-Lilly. This protocol... UC San Francisco.

440. Sea Level Rise Impacts on Wastewater Treatment Systems along the U.S. Coasts

2018. Hummel, Michelle, Berry, Matthew, and Stacey, Mark. This dataset contains location data for wastewater treatment plants located with 2 km of the U.S. coastline, based on the U.S. ... UC Berkeley.

441. Security for Software-Defined Wireless Sensor Networks: Performance evaluation comparison

2018. Segura, Gustavo. Software-defined networking (SDN) is a paradigm that has been proposed as a holistic solution for the inherent problems of wireless ... DataONE.

442. Seismic moment rate and recurrence interval of small-size earthquakes from a 3-D perspective

2017. Ji, Yingfeng. Repeating postseismic event sequences associated with featured variations of the moment magnitude spectrum and recurrence interval ... DataONE.

443. Self-managed abortion in the literature: a systematic scoping review

2019. Moseson, Heidi, Herold, Steph, Filippa, Sofia, Barr-Walker, Jill, Baum, Sarah E., and Gerdts, Caitlin. Self-managed abortion, when a person performs their own abortion without clinical supervision, is a model of abortion care used across ... UC San Francisco.

444. Sequence matrix and tree files for Spatial phylogenetics of the native California flora (Thornhill et al. BMC Biology)

2017. Thornhill, Andrew, Baldwin, Bruce, Freyman, William, Nosratinia, Sonia, Kling, Matthew, Morueta-Holme, Naia, Madsen, Thomas, Ackerly, David, Mishler, Brent, and Thornhill, Andrew. This is the DNA sequence alignment for the 1083 OTUs used in Thornhill et al. 2017.  We defined monophyletic OTUs at the finest ... UC Berkeley.

445. Serum Endocannabinoid Levels in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease

2019. Moradi, Hamid, Park, Christina, Igarashi, Miki, Streja, Elani, Argueta, Donovan A., Soohoo, Melissa, Daglian, Jennifer, You, Amy S., Rhee, Connie M., Kashyap, Moti L., DiPatrizio, Nicholas V., Vaziri, Nosratola D., Kalantar-Zadeh, Kamyar, and Piomelli, Daniele. Context: Previous studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system, through the actions of its main mediators 2-arachidonoyl-sn-glycero... UC Irvine.

446. Sewage loading and microbial risk in urban waters of the Great Lakes

2018. McLellan, Sandra, Sauer, Elizabeth, and Bootsman, Melinda. Theis dataset contains untreated sewage (wastewater treatment plant influent) samples from Milwaukee, WI, USA collected over a two year ... DataONE.

447. Sex, hormone status, and growth rate influence dietary isotope fractionation in laboratory rats

2018. Kim, Sora and Santollo, Jessica. Stable isotope analysis of rat tissues to determine effects of gonadectomization. Four groups - female, ovarectomized, male, and ... UC Merced.

448. Sexual dimorphism and sex-specific floral attraction traits in a cosexual species

2019. Peach, Kristen, Mazer, Susan, Liu, Jasen, and Klitgaard, Kristen. The examination of sexual dimorphism in plants has primarily been restricted to dioecious taxa. However, most angiosperms produce ... UC Santa Barbara.

449. Sexual harassment in the library: understanding experiences and taking action

2019. Barr-Walker, Jill, Caramagno, Denise, Nevels, Iesha, Romero, Dylan, and Tahir, Peggy. Sexual harassment in libraries exists, but it has not been comprehensively studied. In the wake of the #MeToo movement and shared ... UC San Francisco.

450. Shifts in water availability mediate plant-pollinator interactions

2017. Gallagher, M. Kate and Campbell, Diane. Altered precipitation patterns associated with anthropogenic climate change are expected to have many effects on plants and insect ... UC Irvine.

451. Shock Index for Predicting Adverse Obstetric Hemorrhage Outcome

2016. Miller, Suellen and El Ayadi, Alison. This dataset includes clinical data for 958 women comprising pre-intervention/control participants from four studies conducted by ... UC San Francisco.

452. Signatures of Environmental Adaptation During Range Expansion of Wild Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

2019. Gepts, Paul and Gepts, Paul. Landscape genomics integrates population genetics with landscape ecology, allowing the identification of putative molecular det... UC Davis.

453. Simulated antihydrogen orbits in an octupole-based Minimum-B trap

2018. Fajans, Joel, Zhong, Mike, and Zukor, Abraham. These movies show simulations of the trajectories of antihydrogen atoms confined in a Minimum-B trap similar to the "flat" trap used by ... UC Berkeley.

454. Simulation Result Files for Estuaries With Channel-Only and Channel-Shoal Morphology

2019. Zhou, Jian. To be inserted... UC Berkeley.

455. Single-Molecule Image Sequences of Trichoderma reesei Cel7A and Variants on Cellulose Fibrils

2019. Jeoh, Tina, Goodwin, Peter, and Mudinoor, Akshata. Purified and Cy5-labeled Trichoderma reesei Cel7A and its variants (Cel7A catalytic domain, catalytically deficient E212Q mutant and the ... UC Davis.

456. SIVD (Subcortical Ischemic Vascular Dementia)

2013. Weiner, Michael W. and Chui, Helena. The overall goal of this project was to determine the extent to which subcortical ischemia and infaraction, and Alzheimer's disease, ... UC San Francisco.

457. Slab Ocean forcing file and model output for "Seasonal Transitions and the Westerly Jet in the Holocene East Asian Summer Monsoon"

2017. Kong, Wenwen, Swenson, Leif, and Chiang, John. This dataset contains slab ocean forcing file and key model outputs from CAM5 simulations used in: Kong, W., L.M. Swenson, and J.C.H. ... UC Berkeley.

458. Social network community structure and the contact-mediated sharing of commensal E. coli among captive rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)

2018. Balasubramaniam, Krishna, Beisner, Brianne, Guan, Jiahui, Vandeleest, Jessica, Fushing, Hsieh, Atwill, Edward, and McCowan, Brenda. In group-living animals, heterogeneity in individuals’ social connections may mediate the sharing of microbial infectious agents. In ... DataONE.

459. Sociodemographic data for battery electric vehicle owning households in California (From NCST Project "Understanding the Early Adopters of Fuel Cell Vehicles")

2019. Hardman, Scott. Sociodemographic data for battery electric vehicle owning households in California . UC Davis.

460. Software and Calibration for Photothermal Threshold Quantum Yield

2019. Hanifi, David. This is code used to process and apply calibrations to photothermal threshold quantum yields taken, with our specific spectrometer. The ... UC Berkeley.

461. Soil Water Content at MMWD

2017. Hartsough, Peter. These data were collected using Decagon (Meter) GS1 sensors at two different depths, 30cm and 60cm.  Data were collected hourly and these... UC Davis.

462. Solar-J and Cloud-J models version 7.6c

2019. Prather, Michael and Hsu, Juno. This dataset includes the models (fortran code, matlab code, data) used to simulate the heating and photolysis rates in a spherical ... UC Irvine.

463. Southeast Greenland Bed Elevation - v2

2018. Millan, Romain. We employ NASA's Operation IceBridge (OIB) high‐resolution airborne gravity from 2016, NASA's Ocean Melting Greenland (OMG) bathymetry ... UC Irvine.

464. Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory (SSCZO), Providence Creek meteorological data, soil moisture and temperature, snow depth and air temperature

2013. Bales, Roger, Meadows, Matt, Stacy, Erin, Conklin, Martha, Meng, Xiande, and Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory, SSCZO. Snow depth, soil moisture and soil temperature are measured at lower Providence South facing (LowMetS) and North facing (LowMetN), Upper ... UC Merced.

465. Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory (SSCZO), Wolverton Creek meteorological data, soil moisture and temperature

2017. Bales, Roger, Stacy, Erin, Meadows, Matt, Kirchner, Peter, Conklin, Martha, and Meng, Xiande. Wolverton basin in Sequoia National Park is instrumented with four instrument clusters (site 1 through site 4) and two meteorological ... UC Merced.

466. Special Survey of Orange County 2001

2014. Baldassare, Mark. The Orange County Survey a collaborative effort of the Public Policy Institute of California and the School of Social Ecology at the ... UC Irvine.

467. Special Survey of Orange County 2002

2014. Baldassare, Mark. This survey of 2,007 adult residents includes questions from earlier Orange County Annual Surveys. It also includes key indicators from t... UC Irvine.

468. Special Survey of Orange County 2003

2014. Baldassare, Mark. This survey of 1,004 adult residents includes questions from earlier Orange County Annual Surveys. It also includes key indicators from t... UC Irvine.

469. Special Survey of Orange County 2004

2014. Baldassare, Mark. This survey of 1,008 adult residents includes questions from earlier Orange County Annual Surveys. It also includes key indicators from t... UC Irvine.

470. Speech Intelligibility for Spectrally Degraded Sentences

2017. Broussard, Sierra and Saberi, Kourosh. This data was collected to determine how amplitude and phase information differentially contribute to speech intelligibility. L... UC Irvine.

471. Stable Isotopologues of Atmospheric Moisture at Wind River Field Station (USA)

2015. Lai, Chun-Ta. This dataset includes stable oxygen and hydrogen isotope ratios of near-surface water vapor measured at Wind River Field Station, WA, USA... DataONE.

472. Statistics for each 15 km X 15 km grid cell, for all California native vascular plants, as studied by Baldwin et al. (2017 Amer. J. Bot.), including randomization results.

2017. Baldwin, Bruce G., Thornhill, Andrew H., Freyman, William A., Ackerly, David D., Kling, Matthew M., Morueta-Holme, Naia, and Mishler, Brent D. Shown in columns in this Excel spreadsheet are (1) Cell identifier; (2 & 3) X and Y coordinates for the centroid of each grid cell, ... UC Berkeley.

473. Steroid concentrations in boar tissues

2018. Berger, Trish, Kucera, Heidi, Conley, Alan, and Puschner, Birgit. Synthesis and metabolism of steroids is highly interconnected within a tissue.  The initial objective of these studies was to evaluate th... UC Davis.

474. STET modeling output files for 2017 Sept solar flare study at Mars

2018. PhD, Shaosui. The zip file contains 9 STET output files for the 2017 Sept solar flare study at Mars. File names with 'pre', 'pek', and 'pst' ... UC Berkeley.

475. Stochastic Persistence in Nucleated Polymerization Model

2019. Sindi, Suzanne and Dark, Jason. The code in this repository was created by Dr. Jason K. Dark in completing his PhD at the University of California, Merced. The ... UC Merced.

476. Strain-Induced Variant Selection in Heterogeneous Nucleation of α-Ti at Screw Dislocations in β-Ti

2017. Poschmann, Max, Lin, Joseph, Winter, Ian, and Chrzan, Daryl. Molecular dynamics trajectories collected and documented for the manuscript of the same title. Starting point for trajectories is bcc ... UC Berkeley.

477. Subduction thermal regime, slab dehydration, and seismicity distribution beneath Hikurangi based on 3-D simulations

2017. Suenaga, Nobuaki, Ji, Yingfeng, Yoshioka, Shoichi, and Feng, Deshan. The downdip limit of seismogenic interfaces inferred from the subduction thermal regime by thermal models has suggested relating to ... DataONE.

478. Supplemental BOSS Emission Line Catalog

2016. Hamann, Frederick. This archive contains the emission-line catalog described in Appendix A of the paper by Hamann et al., 2016, MNRAS, in press. "Extremely ... UC Riverside.

479. Supporting data for "Direct observation of changing NOx lifetime in North American cities"

2019. Laughner, Joshua and Cohen, Ronald. NOx lifetime can be directly observed from space, and has a nonlinear relationship with its own concentration. At high NOx concentrations... UC Berkeley.

480. Supporting data for "Evaluation of version 3.0B of the BEHR OMI NO2 product"

2018. Laughner, Joshua, Zhu, Qindan, and Cohen, Ronald. This dataset contains supporting data for the paper "Evaluation of version 3.0B of the BEHR OMI NO2 product" by Laughner, Zhu, and ... UC Berkeley.

481. Supporting data for Formation of Highly Oxidized Molecules from NO3 Radical Oxidation of Δ-3-Carene: A Computational Mechanism

2019. Draper, Danielle, Myllys, Nanna, Hyttinen, Noora, Moller, Kristian, Kjaergaard, Henrik, Fry, Juliane, Smith, James, and Kurten, Theo. NO3 radical oxidation of most monoterpenes is a significant source of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) in many regions influenced by both ... UC Irvine.

482. Supporting data for Loik et al. 2017 Wavelength-Selective Solar Photovoltaic Systems: Powering greenhouses for plant growth at the food-energy-water nexus. Earth's Future

2017. Loik, Michael. Global renewable electricity generation capacity has rapidly increased in the past decade. Increasing the sustainability of ele... UC Santa Cruz.

483. Supporting Data for Relative Humidity Effect on the Formation of Highly Oxidized Molecules and New Particles during Monoterpene Oxidation

2019. Smith, James and Jiang, Jingjun. It has been widely observed around the world that the frequency and intensity of new particle formation (NPF) events are reduced during ... UC Irvine.

484. Supporting data for the manuscript: Observations and modeling of the surface seiches of Lake Tahoe, USA

2019. Roberts, Derek, Schladow, S. Geoffrey, and Forrest, Alexander. This data set was created to make the data associated with the manuscript Observations and modeling of the surface seiches of Lake ... UC Davis.

485. Supporting Files for Schiebelhut LM, Puritz JB & Dawson MN (2018) "Decimation by sea star wasting disease and rapid genetic change in a keystone species, Pisaster ochraceus" PNAS

2018. Schiebelhut, Lauren. The data files associated with Schiebelhut LM, Puritz JB & Dawson MN (2018) "Decimation by sea star wasting disease and rapid ... UC Merced.

486. Supporting Information: Toward learned chemical perception of force field typing rules

2018. Zanette, Camila, Bannan, Caitlin C., Bayly, Christopher I., Fass, Josh, Gilson, Michael K., Shirts, Michael R., Chodera, John D., and Mobley, David L. The Open Force Field Initiative seeks to to automate force field development in order to advance force fields and improve accuracy ... UC Irvine.

487. Surface weather stations and lightning data

2017. Albrecht, Rachel. Surface weather stations and lightning data for diurnal and monthly composities. Objectives: Study the influence of river breezes in the ... DataONE.

488. Surviving R Kelly

2019. Jules, Bergis. This tweet identifier dataset was collected from the Twitter streaming and search APIs to collect tweets containing the phrase "R ... UC Riverside.

489. SWIR Camera in Walnut site 120 meters

2018. Niu, Haoyu, Zhao, Tiebiao, and Chen, YangQuan. SWIR 120 meters. UC Merced.

490. Synthetic Log-Conductivity

2019. Harken, Bradley. This dataset contains the baseline fields for the case study described in the manuscript Hydrogeological Modeling and Water Res... UC Berkeley.

491. T4 Lysozyme (L99A) LigandFEP Homologous Ligand Series Data

2016. Lim, Nathan, Wang, Lingle, Abel, Robert, and Mobley, David. Despite innovations in sampling techniques for molecular dynamics (MD), reliable prediction of protein-ligand binding free energies from ... UC Irvine.

492. Targeted Cortical Reorganization using Optogenetics in Non-human primates: Electrocorticography in Sensorimotor Cortex during Optogenetic Stimulation

2018. Yazdan-Shahmorad, Azadeh*, Silversmith, Daniel B.*, Kharazia, Viktor, and Sabes, Philip N. The data consists of electrocorticography (ECoG) recordings over primary somatosensory and primary motor cortices in two rhesus ... UC San Francisco.

493. Tartarugas-marinhas no litoral do Brasil

2017. Leocadio, Jailson. Os dados da pesquisa são de ocorrências de tartarugas-marinhas no litoral do Brasil, selecionados da base de dados disponibilizada no ... DataONE.

494. Temperature-Dependent Dynamics of Molecular Dopant in Conjugated Polymer

2018. Li, Jun, Murrey, Tucker, Diallo, Souleymane, and Moule, Adam. Understanding the nature of dopant dynamics in the solid state is critical for improving the longevity and stability of organic ... UC Davis.

495. Temporal Inflection Points in Decorated Pottery: a Bayesian Refinement of the Late Formative Chronology in the Southern Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia

2019. Hastorf, Christine, Marsh, Erik, Roddick, Andrew, Bruno, Maria, Smith, Scott, and Janusek, John. The Late Formative Period immediately precedes the emergence of Tiwanaku, one of the earliest South American states, yet is one of the ... UC Berkeley.

496. Test

2019. Michalski, David. test abstract. DataONE.

497. Teste de aula

2016. Doimo, Débora. Dataset retirado do site do governo brasileiro para testes. DataONE.

498. Testing J48 and KNN Algorithms with Hypothyroid dataset

2017. Zotelli dos Santos, Wanderley José. The purpose of this study is to investigate the hypothyroidism dataset applied to two prediction algorithms, which are the risk ... DataONE.


2018. Ershov, Bogdan, Ashmarov, Igor, and Danilchenko, Sergey.       The article examines church architecture in modern Russia. The historical processes of the development of church architecture are ... DataONE.

500. The influence of dopamine on cognitive flexibility is mediated by functional connectivity in young but not older adults

2018. Berry, Anne. Dopaminergic signaling in striatum is strongly implicated in executive functions including cognitive flexibility. However, there is ... UC Berkeley.