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1. 14c dates from Taraco, Peru

2015. Stanish, Charles and Levine, Abigail. Carbon dates from excavated contexts at the site of Taraco, Peru. UCLA.

2. Análise de imagens de fundo de olho para detecção de retinopatia diabética

2016. Salim, José Augusto, Bulsoni, Felipe, and Luz, Thamires. Doenças associados ao diabetes são recorrentes. A retinopatia diabética interfere na visão do paciente e pode ocasionar o rompimento ... DataONE.

3. #BlackWomenAtWork

2017. Jules, Bergis. The hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork began trending following Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's sexist and racist comment about California ... UC Riverside.

4. #BLMKidnapping

2017. Jules, Bergis. These 136,990 tweet ids represent reaction to a Facebook Live video that was posted on January 3rd, 2017, showing four African American ... UC Riverside.

5. #BringBackOurInternet

2017. Jules, Bergis. In response to a demonstrations related to a strike by teachers and lawyers in Cameroon, the government shut down internet connectivity i... UC Riverside.

6. Distance decay relationships in foliar fungal endophytes are driven by rare taxa

2017. Oono, Ryoko, Lefevre, Emilie, and Rasmussen, Anna. Foliar fungal endophytes represent a diverse and species-rich plant microbiome. Their biogeography provides essential clues to their ... DataONE.

7. Educational Resources from UC Berkeley RDM Librarian Training Program

2016. Wittenberg, Jamie and Sackmann, Anna. UC Berkeley.

8. forearm sEMG

2016. Urbizagastegui, Pablo and Pimenta, Matheus. A load (zero order) can be controlled by EMG of two antagonistic muscles. Data was acquired to evaluate EMG control of a virtual arm or ... DataONE.

9. IDEA Data API Specification

2016. Kosenkov, Alexandr. The specification of IDEA Data API. DataONE.

10. #J20

2018. Jules, Bergis and jules, bergis. A collection of 184,759 tweet ids for tweets collected that included the hashtags #J20, #DisruptJ20, and #DefendJ20. On January ... UC Riverside.

11. Lensfree On-chip Microscopy for Telemedicine

2014. Tseng Kuochao. Conventional optical microscopes image cells by use of objective lenses that work together with other lenses and optical components. ... UCLA.

12. Newport Bay Water Quality TMDL Annual Data Reports 2001 - 2013

2015. OC Public Works. Summary of bacteriological data collected in Newport Bay from April 1 through March 31 of each year. For more detailed metadata, includin... UC Irvine.

13. PCS 5031 - teste

2016. Caetano, Eduardo. Dados proveniente de páginas e grupos públicos do Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, instagram e por assinaturas RSS durante o mês de Setembro ... DataONE.

14. Resumos FEBRACE

2016. Martinazzo, Alexandre. DataONE.

15. Riverside Plane Crash

2017. Jules, Bergis. On Monday, February 27th, 2017, a small plane crashed into several residential homes in Riverside, CA killing three people and injuring ... UC Riverside.