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21. BSEL Shelflist

2014. Lake, Sherry. Shelflist for the Brown Science and Engineering Library Weeding Project. DataONE.

22. C. elegans RNA Sequence for viral discovery

2014. Wang, David. Nucleic acid from two nematode species, C. elegans JU1580 (isolated from a rotting apple in Orsay, France) and C. briggsae JU1264 ... UC San Francisco.

23. CT Network error reports

2014. Yuanjun, Zhang. DataONE.

24. DirectoryInfo

2014. Reddy, JanakiRam. StudyNets. DataONE.

25. Hitachi S4800

2014. Chow, Edmond. DataONE.

26. IceMorph morphological analysis data files

2014. Tangherlini, Timothy, Crist, Sean, Broadwell, Peter M., Gabriel, David, Urban, Kryztof, Vijunas, Aurelijus, and Crawford, Jackson. This dataset consists of four main resources: a concatenated dictionary of Old Icelandic parsed for word class and inflectional ... UCLA.

27. Lensfree On-chip Microscopy for Telemedicine

2014. Tseng Kuochao. Conventional optical microscopes image cells by use of objective lenses that work together with other lenses and optical components. ... UCLA.

28. Live cell interferometry cell division tracking data files

2014. Zangle, Thomas A., Reed, Jason, and Teitell, Michael A. Cell tracking data from quantitative phase microscopy experiments generated by Matlab analysis of raw image data. UCLA.

29. Pooled metagenomic sequence from human stool

2014. Greninger, Alexander and DeRisi, Joseph. This dataset corresponds to the data presented in "The complete genome of klassevirus – a novel picornavirus in pediatric stool" by ... UC San Francisco.

30. Press, Temperature and Humidity April 2013

2014. Aguilar, Fernando. PTU Cuerda del Pozo. April 2013. IFCA.