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1. 10x Lacrimal Gland scRNA seq data matrix

2017. Yu, Shengyang, Tward, Aaron, and Knox, Sarah. Isolated Lacrimal gland for Single Cell RNA sequence data from E16 and P4 mice. These are the raw read count matrices along side the ... UC San Francisco.

2. A confidence interval analysis of sampling effort, sequencing depth, and taxonomic resolution of fungal community ecology in the era of high-throughput sequencing.

2017. Oono, Ryoko. High-throughput sequencing technology has helped microbial community ecologists explore ecological and evolutionary patterns at ... DataONE.

3. A microbial survey of the International Space Station (ISS)

2017. Eisen, Jonathan, Coil, David, and Lang, Jenna. Background Modern advances in sequencing technology have enabled the census of microbial members of many natural ecosystems. Recently, ... UC Davis.

4. A subset of Californian vascular plant species recognized by Baldwin et al. (2017), corresponding to to the “large and intermediate-sized genera” studied by Stebbins & Major (1965)

2017. Baldwin, Bruce G., Thornhill, Andrew H., Freyman, William A., Ackerly, David D., Kling, Matthew M., Morueta-Holme, Naia, and Mishler, Brent D. Column one includes 2356 Californian vascular plant species recognized by Baldwin et al. (2017 Amer. J. Bot.), and column 2 inc... UC Berkeley.

5. Academic Libraries and Research Data Services dataset

2017. Tenopir, Carol, Birch, Ben, and Allard, Suzie. This is the data set for the Academic Libraries and Research Data Services study. DataONE.

6. #AmplifyWomen

2017. Jules, Bergis. This dataset includes 10,894 tweet ids for tweets that used that hashtag #AmplifyWomen. The tweets were collected on October 14th, ... UC Riverside.

7. Analise da eficiencia dos aerosois na criação de nuvem- projeto GO-Amazon

2017. Casarin da Silva, Gabriel, Gonzalez, Alejandra, Amore, Micael, and Braga, Ramon. Os dados aqui apresentados tem os resultados das comparações de concentração de aerossóis em superfície ( ) vs concentração de núcleos ... DataONE.

8. Analise de Dados para Predição de Diabetes

2017. Bezerra, Eric. Analise de Dados para Predição de Diabetes. DataONE.

9. Analysis of Studies on Applications and Challenges in Implementation of Big Data in the Public Administration

2017. Lourenco Barbosa, Wesley, Manoel Batista da Silva, Antonio, and Silva Flausino, Vinicius. The big data – huge amount of data – era has begun and is redefining how organizations deal with information. While the business sector h... DataONE.

10. Análise Comparativa entre Algoritmos de Classificação

2017. Senhorini, Yago. Este trabalho tem por finalidade de fazer um comparativo de resultados entre algoritmos de classificação supervisionados e mostrar ... DataONE.

11. Análise de credito

2017. Aguiar, Raphael. Dataset para análise de credito e determinar de acordo com resultado obtido condição de possível aumento de crédito de acordo com os ... DataONE.

12. Análise de votos via Weka

2017. Leite, Erick. O intuito desse trabalho é apresentar o melhor cenário para análise dos votos computados no dataset. Utilizando o RandomTree, mesmo não ... DataONE.

13. Análise sobre indicadores mundiais de desenvolvimento

2017. Filho, Eduardo. Caracterização dos dados de crescimento anual de PIB a partir de dados providos pelo Banco Mundial. Correlação dos dados de crescimento ... DataONE.

14. Bases de dados dos canais de atendimento SP156 do período entre 1° de janeiro de 2017 a 20 de junho de 2017

2017. Mathias, Leonardo. Bases de dados dos canais de atendimento SP156 (central telefônica, portal online, aplicativo móvel, praças de atendimento das prefeitura... DataONE.

15. Beef cattle value analysis towards bioclimate data

2017. Mostaço, Gustavo. This research will generate data related to the analysis of beef cattle value and its relation to the bioclimate data, both associated ... DataONE.

16. #BlackTheory

2017. Jules, Bergis. This is a collection of 1,430 tweet ids for tweets using the hashtag #BlackTheory collected on September 19th, 2017. The hashtag was used... UC Riverside.

17. #BlackWomenAtWork

2017. Jules, Bergis. The hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork began trending following Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's sexist and racist comment about California ... UC Riverside.

18. #BLMKidnapping

2017. Jules, Bergis. These 136,990 tweet ids represent reaction to a Facebook Live video that was posted on January 3rd, 2017, showing four African American ... UC Riverside.

19. #BringBackOurInternet

2017. Jules, Bergis. In response to a demonstrations related to a strike by teachers and lawyers in Cameroon, the government shut down internet connectivity i... UC Riverside.

20. Causal Evidence for Lateral Prefrontal Cortex Dynamics Supporting Cognitive Control

2017. Nee, Derek and D'Esposito, Mark. The lateral prefrontal cortex (LPFC) is essential for higher-level cognition, but how its interactions support cognitive control remains ... DataONE.

21. #Charlottesville

2017. Jules, Bergis. On Friday, August 11th, 2017 a large groups of racist white nationalists carrying torches marched on the University of Virginia ... UC Riverside.

22. Classification of Facebook Marketing Metrics for Prediction

2017. Caraciola Faria, Geovanne. Este trabalho tem por finalidade de, à partir do dataset público da página da Boticário cedido pelo Facebook, fazer uma análise ... DataONE.

23. Code review regression analysis of open source GitHub projects

2017. Thompson, Christopher and Wagner, David. This dataset contains the repository data used for our study "A Large-Scale Study of Modern Code Review and Security in Open Source ... UC Berkeley.

24. Cognitive abilities dataset - Words and Non-words Reading Competence Test

2017. Jarske, Johne. Words and Non-words Reading Competence Test (WNw-RCT). The WNw-RCT (Seabra & Capovilla, 2010) assesses competence in reading isolated ... DataONE.

25. CoreShellShell, a quantum dot excitonic energy and charge density calculator

2017. Kelley, Anne. This program calculates electron and hole charge distributions for a spherical semiconductor quantum dot that may have up to three ... UC Merced.

26. Crystal Cove Marine Conservation Area Citizen Science Monitoring

2017. Crystal Cove Alliance. Crystal Cove Conservancy operates the Crystal Cove Marine Protected Are Citizen Science Cruise in partnership with Newport Landing ... UC Irvine.

27. Data for analysis of snowmelt timing as a determinant of inflow mixing in Lake Tahoe

2017. Roberts, Derek, Watanabe, Shohei, and Schladow, S. Geoffrey. This dataset includes data files pertinent to the manuscript, "Snowmelting timing as a determinant of inflow mixing," accepted for ... UC Davis.

28. Dataset for benchmark models (Final 2017-10-19)

2017. Yingfeng, Ji. No. DataONE.

29. Dataset for Large-Scale Analysis of Modern Code Review Practices and Software Security in Open Source Software

2017. Thompson, Christopher. Dataset for my thesis titled "Large-Scale Analysis of Modern Code Review Practices and Software Security in Open Source Software. ... UC Berkeley.

30. Dataset for "Soil fluxes of carbonyl sulfide (COS), carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide in a boreal forest in southern Finland"

2017. Sun, W., Kooijmans, L. M. J., Maseyk, K., Chen, H., Mammarella, I., Vesala, T., Levula, J., Keskinen, H., and Seibt, U. This is the dataset (ver. 2017.02.13) for the manuscript "Soil fluxes of carbonyl sulfide (COS), carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide in a... DataONE.

31. Dataset for "Stomatal control of leaf fluxes of carbonyl sulfide and CO2 in a Typha freshwater marsh"

2017. Sun, Wu, Maseyk, Kadmiel, Lett, Céline, and Seibt, Ulli. This is the dataset (version 2018.05.10) for the manuscript “Stomatal control of leaf fluxes of carbonyl sulfide and CO2 in a Typha ... DataONE.

32. Demonstration retrievals from "Quantification of the effect of modeled lightning NO2 on UV-visible air mass factors"

2017. Laughner, Joshua and Cohen, Ronald. Space-borne measurements of tropospheric nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are up to 10x more sensitive to upper tropospheric NO2 than near-surface ... UC Berkeley.

33. Diário Oficial da União

2017. Jarske, Johne. O Diário Oficial da União - DOU, é uma publicação na qual o estado brasileiro tem de tornar público todo e qualquer assunto acerca do ... DataONE.

34. Distance decay relationships in foliar fungal endophytes are driven by rare taxa

2017. Oono, Ryoko, Lefevre, Emilie, and Rasmussen, Anna. Foliar fungal endophytes represent a diverse and species-rich plant microbiome. Their biogeography provides essential clues to their ... DataONE.

35. Distribuição da arvore e atributos mais importantes

2017. Monteiro, Kaio. Neste artigo vou utilizar a ferramenta Weka para analisar o comportamento da base de dados soybean com o algoritmo J48 e training ... DataONE.

36. DocNow Digital Blackness

2017. Jules, Bergis. This dataset includes 2,995 tweets collected using the keyword "BlackDigArchive" and 1,888 tweets collected using the hashtag "... UC Riverside.

37. #DrawingWhileBlack

2017. Jules, Bergis. The hashtag #DrawingWhileBlack was started by artist, Annabelle, on September 15th, 2017 to celebrate the work of Black artists. The ... UC Riverside.

38. European high-skilled mobility data and Scientific publication & collaboration data

2017. Petersen, Alexander. Raw data files corresponding to longitudinal country-level observations for two types of variable: (i) publication, citation, and ... UC Merced.

39. Evaluating the Impact of a Mandatory Pre-Abortion Ultrasound Viewing Law: A Mixed Methods Study

2017. Upadhyay, Ushma, Kimport, Katrina, Belusa, Elise, Johns, Nicole, Laube, Douglas, and Roberts, Sarah. Background Since mid-2013, Wisconsin abortion providers have been legally required to display and describe pre-abortion ultrasound ... UC San Francisco.

40. Experimental and Supplementary Data for The Roles of Impact and Inertia in the Failure of a Shoelace Knot

2017. Daily-Diamond, Christopher, Gregg, Christine, and O'Reilly, Oliver. Raw experimental data gathered during impulsive forcing of a shoelace knot on a pendulum apparatus, in various orientations, with ... UC Berkeley.

41. Forcing files and Model output for "Contrasting impacts of the South Pacific Split Jet and the Southern Annular Mode modulation on Southern Ocean circulation and biogeochemistry"

2017. Chiang, John, Tokos, Kathy, Lee, Shih-Yu, and Matsumoto, Katsumi. This contains the CESM forcing files and ocean model output used in Chiang J.C.H, K. Tokos, S.-Y. Lee, and K. Matsumoto, Contrasting ... UC Berkeley.

42. Fumigant use on California strawberry fields, 2004-2013

2017. Guthman, Julie. This dataset contains an analysis of chemical fumigant usage for nine major strawberry producing counties in California from 2004 to 2013... UC Santa Cruz.

43. Geographical Ecology of Dry Forest Tree Communities in the West Indies

2017. Franklin, Janet. Aim Seasonally dry tropical forest (SDTF) of the Caribbean Islands (primarily West Indies) is floristically distinct from Neotropical ... UC Riverside.

44. GEOS-Chem output for "Lightning NOx Emissions: Reconciling measured and modeled emissions estimates with updated NOx chemistry"

2017. Laughner, Joshua, Cohen, Ronald, and Nault, Benjamin. These GEOS-Chem simulations examine the effect of recent advances to our understanding of upper tropospheric chemistry on our ability to ... UC Berkeley.

45. Gut bacteria from multiple sclerosis patients modulate human T cells and exacerbate symptoms in mouse models

2017. Baranzini, Sergio. The gut microbiota regulates T cell functions throughout the body. We hypothesized that intestinal bacteria impact the pathogenesis of ... UC San Francisco.

46. Gut Microbiota from Multiple Sclerosis patients triggers spontaneous autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice --16S data--

2017. Wekerle, Hartmut, Berer, Kerstin, Gerdes, Lisa Ann, Cekanaviciute, Egle, Jia, Sherman, Xiao, Liang, Xia, Zhongkui, Liu, Chuan, Klotz, Luisa, Stauffer, Uta, Baranzini, Sergio, Kümpfel, Tania, Hohlfeld, Reinhard, and Krishnamoorthy, Gurumoorthy. The commensal microbiota has emerged as a key factor influencing human health and has been associated with several diseases, including ... UC San Francisco.

47. Gut Microbiota from Multiple Sclerosis patients triggers spontaneous autoimmune encephalomyelitis in mice --shotgun data--

2017. Wekerle, Hartmut, Berer, Kerstin, Gerdes, Lisa Ann, Cekanaviciute, Egle, Jia, Sherman, Xiao, Liang, Xia, Zhongkui, Liu, Chuan, Klotz, Luisa, Stauffer, Uta, Baranzini, Sergio, Kümpfel, Tania, Hohlfeld, Reinhard, and Krishnamoorthy, Gurumoorthy. There is emerging evidence that the commensal microbiota has a role in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis (MS), a putative autoimmune... UC San Francisco.

48. Hypothyroid Dataset

2017. Verginelli, Rafael. Dataset com informações sobre Hipotiroidismo com 30 atributos para classificação. DataONE.

49. I Voted For Trump

2017. Jules, Bergis. The phrase "I Voted For Trump" began trending on Twitter on August, 17th, 2017. It includes tweets from supporters and opponents of ... UC Riverside.

50. Images of individual strawberries (entire fruit, flesh and calyx) with contrasting background

2017. Durand-Petiteville, Adrien, Vougioukas, Stavros, Slaughter, David, and Sadowski, Dennis. This database contains images of 258 individual strawberries with dark background (a setting typically encountered during post-harvest ... UC Davis.