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1. 10x Lacrimal Gland scRNA seq data matrix

2017. Yu, Shengyang, Tward, Aaron, and Knox, Sarah. Isolated Lacrimal gland for Single Cell RNA sequence data from E16 and P4 mice. These are the raw read count matrices along side the ... UC San Francisco.

2. A confidence interval analysis of sampling effort, sequencing depth, and taxonomic resolution of fungal community ecology in the era of high-throughput sequencing.

2017. Oono, Ryoko. High-throughput sequencing technology has helped microbial community ecologists explore ecological and evolutionary patterns at ... DataONE.

3. A microbial survey of the International Space Station (ISS)

2017. Eisen, Jonathan, Coil, David, and Lang, Jenna. Background Modern advances in sequencing technology have enabled the census of microbial members of many natural ecosystems. Recently, ... UC Davis.

4. A subset of Californian vascular plant species recognized by Baldwin et al. (2017), corresponding to to the “large and intermediate-sized genera” studied by Stebbins & Major (1965)

2017. Baldwin, Bruce G., Thornhill, Andrew H., Freyman, William A., Ackerly, David D., Kling, Matthew M., Morueta-Holme, Naia, and Mishler, Brent D. Column one includes 2356 Californian vascular plant species recognized by Baldwin et al. (2017 Amer. J. Bot.), and column 2 inc... UC Berkeley.

5. Academic Libraries and Research Data Services dataset

2017. Tenopir, Carol, Birch, Ben, and Allard, Suzie. This is the data set for the Academic Libraries and Research Data Services study. DataONE.

6. #AmplifyWomen

2017. Jules, Bergis. This dataset includes 10,894 tweet ids for tweets that used that hashtag #AmplifyWomen. The tweets were collected on October 14th, ... UC Riverside.

7. Analise da eficiencia dos aerosois na criação de nuvem- projeto GO-Amazon

2017. Casarin da Silva, Gabriel, Gonzalez, Alejandra, Amore, Micael, and Braga, Ramon. Os dados aqui apresentados tem os resultados das comparações de concentração de aerossóis em superfície ( ) vs concentração de núcleos ... DataONE.

8. Analise de Dados para Predição de Diabetes

2017. Bezerra, Eric. Analise de Dados para Predição de Diabetes. DataONE.

9. Analysis of Studies on Applications and Challenges in Implementation of Big Data in the Public Administration

2017. Lourenco Barbosa, Wesley, Manoel Batista da Silva, Antonio, and Silva Flausino, Vinicius. The big data – huge amount of data – era has begun and is redefining how organizations deal with information. While the business sector h... DataONE.

10. Análise Comparativa entre Algoritmos de Classificação

2017. Senhorini, Yago. Este trabalho tem por finalidade de fazer um comparativo de resultados entre algoritmos de classificação supervisionados e mostrar ... DataONE.