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1. 2018 Brown pelican and barrier island data, Louisiana, USA

2018. Geary, Brock, Leberg, Paul, Martinez, Juita, and Santariello, Andrea. Test repository for data related to nesting biology of brown pelicans in relation to barrier islands in coastal Louisiana, USA. DataONE.

2. Air quality and respiratory hospital admissions - Guarulhos - SP/Brazil (2015-2017

2018. Fernandes, Fernando and Germani, Eduardo. Linkage of polluant and weather measurements with hosptital admissions from a major city in South America (Brazil-SP-Guarulhos). DataONE.

3. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Community Engagement Fellows Program (CEFP) Advocacy / Ambassador Program Survey

2018. Woodley, Lou, Binder, Melanie, O'Donnell, Stephanie, Olds, Heidi, Pope, Allen, Rabinowitz, Gabrielle, and Volchok, Rosanna. “Advocacy programs” are ways that organizations empower community members to become more active in moving forward that community’s ... DataONE.

4. Banco de Tese e Dissertações CAPES: pesquisas relacionadas a E-science, BigData e Big Science

2018. Souza, Valmir. Dados extraídos da Plataforma Sucupira (CAPES) de forma a identificar os termos E-science, Big Data e Big Science em teses e dissertações... DataONE.

5. Bilhetagem de Transporte Público - São Paulo

2018. Majdoub, Bassam. Dados de bilhetagem de transporte público da cidade de São Paulo, Brasil. fornecidos pela SPTrans (São Paulo Transporte). Estes dados ... DataONE.

6. Cartão de Pagamento do Governo Federal (CPGF)

2018. Cardoso, Diego. Dataset contendo informações de cartão de pagamento do governo federal do mês de Julho/2018. DataONE.

7. Contract design thinking: a service oriented architecture SOA for contract models, maintenance and testing

2018. Felker, Christopher and Ahl, Sue. Contract variances complicate academic medical center accounts receivables because they are one driver of ambiguity when calculating ... DataONE.

8. Dados de Pesquisa OD de São Paulo

2018. Majdoub, Bassam. Dados da Pesquisa Origem-Destino de passageiros realizada pelo Metro de São Paulo. Dados de Pesquisa Origem-Destino de carga realizada pe... DataONE.

9. Data design thinking: data cleaning improvements using tableau prep

2018. Felker, Christopher. Tableau Prep automatically shows errors and outliers in data and employs fuzzy clustering to help you with the common, repetitive tasks ... DataONE.

10. Data for Cold adaptation does not alter ATP homeostasis during cold exposure in Drosophila melanogaster

2018. Williams, Caroline. Data and analysis scripts for Williams et al. 2018 Integrative Zoology: . DataONE.

11. Data set for "Planar Hall torque"

2018. Montoya, Eric, Safranski, Christopher, and Krivortov, Ilya. This is the data set used to generate the figures and to support the findings of "Planar Hall torque"  (arXiv:1712.07335). The data set ... DataONE.

12. Dataset - Test Metherological data upload

2018. Mendes, Eduardo. Demonstration of file upload. DataONE.

13. Double digest RADseq loci using standard Illumina indexes improve deep and shallow phylogenetic resolution of Lophodermium, a widespread fungal endophyte of pine needles

2018. Oono, Ryoko and Salas Lizana, Rodolfo. The phylogenetic and population genetic structure of symbiotic microorganisms may correlate with important ecological traits that can ... DataONE.

14. Employment Accessibility in the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Region

2018. Freiberg, German. This research aims to assess the relation between employment accessibility by public transport and by private transport and social ... DataONE.

15. Evaluating the effects of land-use change and future climate change on vulnerability of coastal landscapes to saltwater intrusion

2018. Bhattachan, Abinash, Emanuel, Ryan, Ardon, Marcelo, Bernhardt, Emily, Anderson, Steven, Stillwagon, Matthew, Ury, Emily, Bendor, Todd, and Wright, Justin. The exposure of freshwater-dependent coastal ecosystems to saltwater is a present-day impact of climate and land-use changes in many ... DataONE.


2018. Bertholini Aggio, juliana. O projeto tem o objetivo de propor uma metodologia capaz de encontrar o conjunto de locais com maior potencial para se tornarem polos ... DataONE.

17. Mechanisms of Anti-Obesity Effects of Capsaicin

2018. Thyagarajan, Baskaran. Obesity is a major metabolic disease. Currently, there are no effective strategies to counter obesity. Transient receptor potential ... DataONE.

18. Máquina de Chave

2018. Ferreira, Macilio. Descreve o comportamento de uma determinada máquina de chave durante em um determinado período. DataONE.

19. Ocean acidification stress index for shellfish (OASIS): Linking Pacific oyster larval survival and exposure to variable carbonate chemistry regimes

2018. Gimenez Calvo, Iria, Waldbusser, George, and Hales, Burke. Understanding larval bivalve responses to variable regimes of seawater carbonate chemistry requires realistic quantification of ... DataONE.

20. Physical and hydrodynamic properties of deep sea mining-generated, abyssal sediment plume in the Clarion Clipperton fracture zone (eastern-central Pacific)

2018. Gillard, Benjamin, Purkiani, Kaveh, Iversen, Morten H., Vink, Annemiek, Chatzievangelou, Damianos, and Thomsen, Laurenz. The anthropogenic impact of polymetallic nodule harvesting in the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone is expected to strongly affect the ... DataONE.

21. Plasmids database

2018. Sistrom, Mark. Plasmids database. DataONE.

22. Revenue design thinking: constructing an accelerated cash /phased write down story

2018. Felker, Christopher. A well-designed data story is a launch point for revenue cycle professionals using analytics to manage accounts receivable according ... DataONE.

23. Revenue design thinking: implementing enterprise tableau reporting at UC San Diego Health

2018. Felker, Christopher, Ahl, Sue, and Kavanaugh, Tiffany. In February 2018, the authors agreed to participate in an Enterprise Tableau implementation. There were 17 (seventeen) pilot projects ... DataONE.

24. Russian state policy in the field of culture: X-XX centuries

2018. Ershov, Bogdan, Muhina, Natalia, and Ashmarov, Igor.     The manual reveals numerous issues of Russian statehood, based on the continuity and variability of the course of historical ... DataONE.

25. Security for Software-Defined Wireless Sensor Networks: Performance evaluation comparison

2018. Segura, Gustavo. Software-defined networking (SDN) is a paradigm that has been proposed as a holistic solution for the inherent problems of wireless ... DataONE.

26. Sewage loading and microbial risk in urban waters of the Great Lakes

2018. McLellan, Sandra, Sauer, Elizabeth, and Bootsman, Melinda. Theis dataset contains untreated sewage (wastewater treatment plant influent) samples from Milwaukee, WI, USA collected over a two year ... DataONE.

27. Social network community structure and the contact-mediated sharing of commensal E. coli among captive rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)

2018. Balasubramaniam, Krishna, Beisner, Brianne, Guan, Jiahui, Vandeleest, Jessica, Fushing, Hsieh, Atwill, Edward, and McCowan, Brenda. In group-living animals, heterogeneity in individuals’ social connections may mediate the sharing of microbial infectious agents. In ... DataONE.


2018. Ershov, Bogdan, Ashmarov, Igor, and Danilchenko, Sergey.       The article examines church architecture in modern Russia. The historical processes of the development of church architecture are ... DataONE.

29. Transit Network Design Instance (Sao Paulo Late Night)

2018. Arbex, Renato. Transit Network Design dataset for Sao Paulo instance. This dataset contains list of Nodes, Links, Demand and Travel times to be used for... DataONE.

30. Tree species abundance through time in tropical forest census plots, Panama

2018. Condit, Richard, Pérez, Rolando, Aguilar, Salomón, Lao, Suzanne, Robin, Foster, and Hubbell, Stephen. All trees at least 1 cm diameter at breast height were censused in three sites in Panama. The Barro Colorado plot is 50 hectares in area ... DataONE.

31. Weakest Link Manuscript Datasets

2018. Pandori, Lauren and Sorte, Cascade. Paired data to accompany the manuscript.   . DataONE.

32. Wheel set profile

2018. Oliveira, David. Measurements of wheel set profile from heavy hail rail cars between 01/07/2018 and 31/07/2018. DataONE.

33. 2D attenuation model of Long Valley (CA)

2018. Prudencio, Janire, Manga, Michael, and Taira, Taka'aki. We image seismic intrinsic (Qi-1) and scattering (Qs-1) attenuation in Long Valley caldera, California, by analyzing more than 1700 ... UC Berkeley.

34. 3D attenuation model of Long Valley Caldera (CA)

2018. Prudencio, Janire and Manga, Michael. Unrest at Long Valley caldera, California has been attributed to magma recharge or the ascent of hydrothermal fluids. The difference is ... UC Berkeley.

35. A Bayesian method of evaluating discomfort due to glare: The effect of order bias from a large glare source

2018. Cheung, Toby, Kent, Michael, Schiavon, Stefano, and Lipczyńska, Aleksandra. to be confrim. UC Berkeley.

36. ASHRAE Global Thermal Comfort Database II

2018. Földváry Ličina, Veronika, Cheung, Toby, Zhang, Hui, de Dear, Richard, Parkinson, Thomas, Arens, Edward, Chun, Chungyoon, Schiavon, Stefano, Luo, Maohui, Brager, Gail, Li, Peixian, and Kaam, Soazig. Recognizing the value of open-source research databases in advancing the art and science of HVAC, in 2014 the ASHRAE Global Thermal Comfo... UC Berkeley.

37. Berkeley High Resolution (BEHR) OMI NO2 - Gridded pixels, daily profiles

2018. Laughner, Joshua, Cohen, Ronald, and Zhu, Qindan. The BEHR OMI NO2 product reprocesses tropospheric NO2 columns from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) satellite using high r... UC Berkeley.

38. Berkeley High Resolution (BEHR) OMI NO2 - Gridded pixels, monthly profiles

2018. Laughner, Joshua, Zhu, Qindan, and Cohen, Ronald. The BEHR OMI NO2 product reprocesses tropospheric NO2 columns from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) satellite using high r... UC Berkeley.

39. Berkeley High Resolution (BEHR) OMI NO2 - Native pixels, daily profiles

2018. Laughner, Joshua, Zhu, Qindan, and Cohen, Ron. The BEHR OMI NO2 product reprocesses tropospheric NO2 columns from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) satellite using high r... UC Berkeley.

40. Berkeley High Resolution (BEHR) OMI NO2 - Native pixels, monthly profiles

2018. Laughner, Joshua, Zhu, Qindan, and Cohen, Ronald. The BEHR OMI NO2 product reprocesses tropospheric NO2 columns from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) satellite using high r... UC Berkeley.

41. Data: Researcher Perspectives on the Use and Sharing of Software

2018. Alnoamany, Yasmin and Borghi, John. We are interested in learning about perceptions, values, and behaviors around the computer software generated as part of the re... UC Berkeley.

42. Detailed experimental investigation of air speed field induced by ceiling fans

2018. Liu, Shou, Lipczynska, Aleksandra, Schiavon, Stefano, and Arens, Edward. Comfort cooling by ceiling fans is cost-effective and energy-efficient compared to compressor-based cooling and fans are common... UC Berkeley.

43. Directed Evolution of AAV for Efficient Gene Delivery to Canine and Primate Retina - Raw counts of variants from deep sequencing

2018. Byrne, Leah, Day, Timothy, Visel, Meike, Dalkara, Deniz, Dufour, Valerie, Pompeo Marinho, Felipe, Merigan, William, Aguirre, Gustavo, Beltran, William, Schaffer, David, and Flannery, John. Efficient AAV-mediated gene delivery remains a significant obstacle to effective retinal gene therapies. Here, we apply the process of ... UC Berkeley.

44. Discomfort due to glare from a large source: Evaluating stimulus range effects when using the luminance adjustment procedure

2018. Kent, Michael, Cheung, Toby, and Schiavon, Stefano. Using the luminance adjustment procedure, we evaluated four discomfort sensation on a Hopkinson-like glare scale: (a), (b), (c) ... UC Berkeley.

45. Dopaminergic mechanisms underlying normal variation in trait anxiety: supplemental

2018. Berry, Anne and Berry, Anne. Trait anxiety has been associated with altered activity within corticolimbic pathways connecting the amygdala and rostral anterior ... UC Berkeley.

46. Ecosystem Scale Measurements of Methyl Halide Fluxes from a Brackish Tidal Marsh Invaded with Perennial Pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium)

2018. Deventer, Malte Julian, Jiao, Yi, Knox, Sarah, Anderson, Frank, Ferner, Matthew, Lewis, Jared, Rhew, Robert, and Rhew, Robert. Natural methyl chloride (CH3Cl) and methyl bromide (CH3Br) emissions from coastal marsh ecosystems may constitute a significant proportio... UC Berkeley.

47. Effect of non-Schmid Stresses on a-type Screw Dislocation Core Structure and Mobility in Titanium

2018. Poschmann, Max. Data summarizing DFT calculations concerning the effects of non-Schmid stresses on dislocation core structure and mobility in t... UC Berkeley.

48. In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Data of Dislocations in Imperfectly Attached PbTe Nanocrystal Pairs

2018. Ondry, Justin, Hauwiller, Matthew, and Alivisatos, A. Paul. Dataset containing high resolution transmission electron microscopy data of imperfectly attached PbTe nanocrystals.  The data contains ... UC Berkeley.

49. Interview Proceedings with Delbert Anderson

2018. Hall, Hunter. The following are the proceedings of an interview between Hunter Hall (interviewer) and Delbert Anderson (interviewee). The text has been... UC Berkeley.

50. MHD Field line tracing results

2018. Xu, Shaosui. The zip files contain field line tracing results from a MHD simulation, which are used to create Figures 3 and 4 of a GRL paper, ... UC Berkeley.

51. Minor Lab Archaeology

2018. Minor, Elizabeth and Minor, Elizabeth. Archaeological data from Dr. Elizabeth Minor’ Lab. UC Berkeley.

52. Model output for "Origins of East Asian Summer Monsoon Seasonality"

2018. Chiang, John, Wu, Chi-Hua, Kong, Wenwen, and Battisti, David. This contains the model output used in Chiang, J.C.H, C.-H. Wu, W. Kong and D.S. Battisti, ". UC Berkeley.

53. Restoration of incomplete oceanographic datasets

2018. Ameli, Siavash and Shadden, Shawn. Remote sensing of oceanographic data often yields incomplete coverage of the measurement domain. This can limit interpretability of the d... UC Berkeley.

54. Sea Level Rise Impacts on Wastewater Treatment Systems along the U.S. Coasts

2018. Hummel, Michelle, Berry, Matthew, and Stacey, Mark. This dataset contains location data for wastewater treatment plants located with 2 km of the U.S. coastline, based on the U.S. ... UC Berkeley.

55. Simulated antihydrogen orbits in an octupole-based Minimum-B trap

2018. Fajans, Joel, Zhong, Mike, and Zukor, Abraham. These movies show simulations of the trajectories of antihydrogen atoms confined in a Minimum-B trap similar to the "flat" trap used by ... UC Berkeley.

56. STET modeling output files for 2017 Sept solar flare study at Mars

2018. PhD, Shaosui. The zip file contains 9 STET output files for the 2017 Sept solar flare study at Mars. File names with 'pre', 'pek', and 'pst' ... UC Berkeley.

57. Supporting data for "Evaluation of version 3.0B of the BEHR OMI NO2 product"

2018. Laughner, Joshua, Zhu, Qindan, and Cohen, Ronald. This dataset contains supporting data for the paper "Evaluation of version 3.0B of the BEHR OMI NO2 product" by Laughner, Zhu, and ... UC Berkeley.

58. The influence of dopamine on cognitive flexibility is mediated by functional connectivity in young but not older adults

2018. Berry, Anne. Dopaminergic signaling in striatum is strongly implicated in executive functions including cognitive flexibility. However, there is ... UC Berkeley.

59. Thermal and energetic ion dynamics in Ganymede's magnetosphere

2018. Poppe, Dr. Andrew. This dataset accompanies the manuscript "Thermal and energetic dynamics in Ganymede's magnetosphere", JGR Space Physics, 2018. . UC Berkeley.

60. Training and Support for Student Library Employees in a Tiered Reference Service Model: Supporting Materials

2018. Quigley, Brian, Loo, Jeffery, Ngo, Lisa, Powell, Susan, Teplitzky, Samantha, Sackmann, Anna, and Rupp, Kortney. To cultivate students’ reference skills, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Division of the UC Berkeley Library developed an active ... UC Berkeley.

61. Videos of Etching Gold Nanocubes and Nanorhombic Dodecahedra in Graphene Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy

2018. Hauwiller, Matthew, Ondry, Justin, and Alivisatos, A. Paul. Liquid cell Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) provides the opportunity to view nanocrystal dynamics in their native liquid ... UC Berkeley.

62. Web Scale Discovery and Resource Usage at the University of California, Berkeley

2018. Ngo, Lisa, Knabe, Ian, and Hennesy, Cody. Dataset contains monthly usage data for select ejournal platforms, ebook platforms, and abstract & indexing databases at UC ... UC Berkeley.

63. A Strawberry Database: Geometric Properties, Images and 3D Scans

2018. Durand-Petiteville, Adrien, Sadowski, Dennis, and Vougioukas, Stavros. 1611 strawberries from different places and varieties are used to collect images, 3D scans as well as physical properties such as shape, ... UC Davis.

64. Caltrans PEMS highway sensor average flows by occupancy

2018. Fitzgerald, Clark and Zhang, Michael. This data summarizes average vehicle flow as a function of occupancy for traffic sensor data available from CalTrans Performance Manageme... UC Davis.

65. Data associated with manuscript "Predicting wave-induced sediment resuspension at the perimeter of lakes using a steady-state spectral wave model"

2018. Roberts, Derek, Schladow, S. Geoffrey, Hook, Simon, Watanabe, Shohei, and Moreno-Casas, Patricio. This repository includes data associated with the manuscript, "Predicting wave-induced sediment resuspension at the perimeter of ... UC Davis.

66. Data deposition for Complex electrophysiological remodeling in postinfarction ischemic heart failure

2018. Hegyi, Bence and Chen-Izu, Ye. Heart failure (HF) following myocardial infarction (MI) is associated with high incidence of cardiac arrhythmias. Development of therapeu... UC Davis.

67. Defining hydrogel properties to instruct lineage- and cell-specific mesenchymal differentiation

2018. Leach, Kent. The maintenance and direction of stem cell lineage after implantation remains challenging for clinical translation. Aggregation and ... UC Davis.

68. Evolution of SSR diversity from wild types to U.S. advanced cultivars in the Andean and Mesoamerican domestications of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris)

2018. Gepts, Paul. Progress in common bean breeding requires the exploitation of genetic variation among market classes, races and gene pools. The present ... UC Davis.

69. Falk et al Plot Data

2018. Igel, Adele, Falk, Nicholas, and Igel, Matthew. Plot data for Falk et al 2019. Falk, N. M., A. L. Igel and M. R. Igel, 2019: The Relative Impact of Ice Fall Speeds and Microphysics ... UC Davis.

70. Genetic Patterns of Common-Bean Seed Acquisition and Early-stage Adoption among Farmer Groups in Western Uganda

2018. Gepts, Paul, Wilkus, Erin, Berny Mier y Teran, Jorge Carlos, Mukankusi, Clare, Kuzaay, Saarah, and Hamilton-Conaty, Paige. Widespread adoption of new varieties can be valuable, especially in developing countries, which tend to lack access to improved ... UC Davis.

71. Heterotrophic N2-fixation contributes to nitrogen economy of a common wetland sedge, Schoenoplectus californicus

2018. Rejmankova, Eliska, Sirova, Dagmara, Castle, Stephanie, Barta, Jiri, and Carpenter, Heather. These data sets document environmental characteristics of sampling locations of Schoenoplectus californicus, california bulrush, ... UC Davis.

72. Incipits for the Catalogue of the Works of Hector Berlioz, Second edition, digital

2018. Minnick, Jonathan and Holoman, D. Kern. This collection of PDFs contains all of the incipits for the Catalogue of the Works of Hector Berlioz, Second edition, digital, ... UC Davis.


2018. Peixoto, Raquel, Rosado, Phillipe, Leite, Deborah, Duarte, Gustavo, Chaloub, Ricardo, Jospin, Guillaume, Eisen, Jonathan, Bourne, David, da Rocha, Ulisses, Saraiva, João, and Dini-Andreote, Francisco. Although the early coral reef-bleaching warning system (NOAA/USA) is established, there is no feasible treatment that can minimize ... UC Davis.

74. Influence of Relative Humidity on the Heterogeneous Oxidation of Secondary Organic Aerosol

2018. Cappa, Christopher, Li, Ziyue, and Smith, Katherine. This dataset contains data from figures and model code used to generate figures in the paper "Influence of Relative Humidity on the ... UC Davis.

75. Measurement and modeling of the multi-wavelength optical properties of uncoated flame-generated soot: Data from the BC2, BC3, BC3+ and BC4 studies

2018. Forestieri, Sara and Cappa, Christopher. Optical properties of flame-generated black carbon (BC) containing soot particles were quantified at multiple wavelengths during the BC2,... UC Davis.

76. Metagenome-assembled genomes (MAG's) from two thermal pools in Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka, Russia

2018. Ettinger, Cassandra, Wilkins, Laetitia, Jospin, Guillaume, and Eisen, Jonathan. In this study we focus on two hydrothermal pools, Arkashin Shurf and Zavarzin Spring, in Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka, Russia that were ... UC Davis.

77. PffBT4T

2018. Dantanarayana, Varuni. Conformational and energetic disorder in organic semiconductors reduces charge and exciton transport because of the structural ... UC Davis.

78. PhyloSift Markers Database

2018. Jospin, Guillaume. Like all organisms on the planet, environmental microbes are subject to the forces of molecular evolution. Metagenomic sequencing provide... UC Davis.

79. Regional and disease-related differences in properties of the equine temporomandibular joint disc

2018. Cissell, Derek. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are increasingly recognized in animals. The articular disc plays a major role in TMJ disorders in... UC Davis.

80. Steroid concentrations in boar tissues

2018. Berger, Trish, Kucera, Heidi, Conley, Alan, and Puschner, Birgit. Synthesis and metabolism of steroids is highly interconnected within a tissue.  The initial objective of these studies was to evaluate th... UC Davis.

81. Temperature-Dependent Dynamics of Molecular Dopant in Conjugated Polymer

2018. Li, Jun, Murrey, Tucker, Diallo, Souleymane, and Moule, Adam. Understanding the nature of dopant dynamics in the solid state is critical for improving the longevity and stability of organic ... UC Davis.

82. Vibrational Neutron Scattering Spectra for Undoped and Doped P3HT

2018. Harrelson, Thomas, Li, Jun, and Moule, Adam. Doped semiconducting polymers have garnered vast research interest in photovoltaic, transistor, thermoelectric, and sensor applications. ... UC Davis.

83. Water uptake, cloud condensation nuclei and surface tension: results from the MadFACTS campaign

2018. Forestieri, Sara, Staudt, Sean, Kuborn, Thomas, Ruehl, Christopher, Bertram, Timothy, and Cappa, Christopher. This data set is associated with the manuscript “Establishing the Impact of Model Surfactants on Cloud Condensation Nuclei Activity of ... UC Davis.

84. Annual Ice Velocity of the Greenland Ice Sheet (1972-1990)

2018. Mouginot, Jeremie, Rignot, Eric, Millan, Romain, Wood, Michael, and Scheuchl, Bernd. We derive surface ice velocity using data from 16 satellite sensors deployed by 6 different space agencies. The list of sensors and the ... UC Irvine.

85. Annual Ice Velocity of the Greenland Ice Sheet (1991-2000)

2018. Mouginot, Jeremie, Rignot, Eric, Scheuchl, Bernd, Millan, Romain, and Wood, Michael. We derive surface ice velocity using data from 16 satellite sensors deployed by 6 different space agencies. The list of sensors is given ... UC Irvine.

86. Avannarleq and Kujalleq Glacial Stability

2018. An, Lu. The evolution of Greenland glaciers in a warming climate depends on their depth below sea level, flow speed, surface melt, and ... UC Irvine.

87. Bathymetry of the Amundsen Sea Embayment

2018. Millan, Romain. We employ airborne gravity data from NASA's Operation IceBridge collected in 2009–2014 to infer the bathymetry of sub–ice shelf ... UC Irvine.

88. Binding Modes of Ligands Using Enhanced Sampling (BLUES): Rapid Decorrelation of Ligand Binding Modes via Nonequilibrium Candidate Monte Carlo

2018. Gill, Samuel, Lim, Nathan, Grinaway, Patrick, Rustenburg, Ariën, Fass, Josh, Ross, Gregory, Chodera, John, and Mobley, David. Accurately predicting protein-ligand binding affinities and binding modes is a major goal in computational chemistry, but even the ... UC Irvine.

89. Disparities of HIV risk and PrEP use among transgender women of color in South Florida.

2018. Perez-Gilbe, Hector R., Holder, Cheryl L., Fajardo, Francisco J., Garcia, Stephanie, and Cyrus, Elena. Background:  The majority of the transgender female population in South Florida are Latina and Black, and are at greatest risk for ... UC Irvine.

90. Eddy flux measurements and transfer velocities of momentum, sensible heat, water vapor, and sulfur dioxide at Scripps Pier

2018. Saltzman, Eric, Porter, Jack, and De Bruyn, Warren. This data set contains air/sea eddy covariance fluxes and related data measured at Scripps Pier in La Jolla, California.  The goal of ... UC Irvine.

91. Evolution of Northwest Greenland Glaciers

2018. Wood, Michael. In recent decades, tidewater glaciers in Northwest Greenland contributed significantly to sea level rise but exhibited a complex ... UC Irvine.

92. Jakobshavn Glacier Bed Elevation

2018. An, Lu. Jakobshavn Isbræ, West Greenland, which holds a 0.6-m sea level volume equivalent, has been speeding up and retreating since the late ... UC Irvine.

93. Model Setup of Thwaites Glacier

2018. Yu, Hongju. We set up our Thwaites model to study its evolution in the next 100 years. We use BEDMAP-2 data for ice surface elevation and ice shelf ... UC Irvine.

94. Processed model data used for plots in Bondzio et al., GRL 2018

2018. Bondzio, Johannes. Large uncertainties in model parameterizations and input datasets make projections of future sea level rise contributions of outlet ... UC Irvine.

95. Southeast Greenland Bed Elevation - v2

2018. Millan, Romain. We employ NASA's Operation IceBridge (OIB) high‐resolution airborne gravity from 2016, NASA's Ocean Melting Greenland (OMG) bathymetry ... UC Irvine.

96. Supporting Information: Toward learned chemical perception of force field typing rules

2018. Zanette, Camila, Bannan, Caitlin C., Bayly, Christopher I., Fass, Josh, Gilson, Michael K., Shirts, Michael R., Chodera, John D., and Mobley, David L. The Open Force Field Initiative seeks to to automate force field development in order to advance force fields and improve accuracy ... UC Irvine.

97. A local and global sensitivity analysis of a mathematical model of coagulation and platelet deposition under flow

2018. Link, Kathryn, Stobb, Michael, Di Paola, Jorge, Neeves, Keith, Fogelson, Aaron, Sindi, Suzanne, and Leiderman, Karin. The hemostatic response involves blood coagulation and platelet aggregation to stop blood loss from an injured blood vessel. The ... UC Merced.

98. CALeDNA Anacapa/CRUX Dat Container (Linux/HPC)

2018. Ogden, Maxwell. As part of the CALeDNA project this includes Anacapa Container which includes all the necessary software dependencies to run the Anacapa ... UC Merced.

99. CALeDNA Anacapa/CRUX Dat Container (Windows/Mac Vagrant Version)

2018. Ogden, Max. This dataset contains the Vagrant version of Anacapa Container for Windows/Mac with virtualization. For the recommended Linux/HPC ... UC Merced.

100. Climate, snow, and soil moisture data set for the Tuolumne and Merced River watersheds, California, USA

2018. Roche, James, Rice, Robert, Meng, Xiande, Cayan, Daniel, Dettinger, Mike, Alden, Douglas, Patel, Sarina, Mason, Megan, Conklin, Martha, and Bales, Roger. UCM sites. Snow depth, soil moisture and soil temperature are measured near the Merced Grove, Gin Flat, Smoky Jack Creek, and O... UC Merced.